1 March 2014

One for every day...

I have never been much of a shoe person...feet too hard to fit! And I didn't really think I went overboard for any item of clothing, except perhaps scarves, which I can never throw away. Which are so small, take up no room, and could be made into something else like a lingerie bag (which I did do this last Christmas!)

But I have been going overboard a little with jackets lately, so I decided to count them... 31! That's right, you heard correctly...31!! One for every day of the month. I could wear a new one every day for a month and never repeat myself. I was flabbergasted!

Ranging from:
the linen jacket I bought secondhand which was slightly too big, so I took off the collar and reduced in size to fit,
to the designer denim jacket that's sits just right,
to the leather coat I can't let go even though it creaks madly,
and the faux sheepskin that my son The Artist drew cartoon figures on at my request...so cool.

Here is a sample. 
Some more pieces of The Collection :
 I just realised I didn't count my dressing gowns, one of which I am dying to wear as a coat...leopard print you know!

And I forgot to count the black velvet dress i was bored with, so I cut it up the middle to make a coat because I didn't have enough...!

Oh, and speaking of collections, the backdrop is my other son The Actor's rock collection...and each one is precious. Wo betide any mother who tries to move them on!

Do you have a weakness? What item of clothing is your Achilles heel? what do you collect slightly obssessively?


  1. So, what happens in February when there are 3 jackets left out? Is that the month you take 3 random jackets and turn them into vests, or shirts, or knowing you, pants? ...and then in March you have to get some more jackets!

  2. I collect knitting patterns obsessively. You can never have too many.

    1. Now you mention it, I do have an awful lot of craft supplies and yarn...

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  4. Sounds like a set of steak knives .......and there's more !!!
    At least you will be warm for winter , and looking very decorative , and all.
    Dad .

  5. Oh my! A woman after my own heart : )



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