14 February 2016

The famous pink boxing gloves

Recently I received THE pink bloxing gloves from Ally of Shybiker.

These gloves have been everywhere man. Used to express various ideas of femininity.

I thought I would have a go at adding my two cents.

This time I thought I'd explore in the Australian National Botanic Gardens with Mr Actor being the photographer.

I wore my most feminine dress, with a more masculine shirt and Bushy's Akubra hat.



Arrived at the gardens.

Little did we know a surprise awaited us.

A note explained that there was an invisible monster on the loose and whoever could draw the gloves out of the stone would have to fight it.
Who will do this daring deed?...

After a short amount of coaching it was into the fray!

With a ...


And a ...

And a ...

The match was on. But oh dear, it soon turned sour as my inexperience told against me.
It was all...


And ...


And even...


But with a mighty heave...
The tables were turned.
It's a knockout!


And not a moment too soon.


Of course afterwards there were press shots to take showing my glamorous side.

After which I could leave with a clear conscience knowing the gardens were safe once again for all!
That was fun!

I was exploring the stronger and the softer sides of femininity in a visual manner.
Thanks so much Ally for allowing me to play and sending the boxing gloves all across the world!
I hope they enjoyed their second visit to Australia.
This took place in the Red Centre section of the gardens where they have recreated the growing conditions of the red centre of Australia.
My dress and shirt were both thrifted.
Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack

PS Feeling very visible so I'm linking up with Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Patti is also wearing black and white!

Also linking with Not dressed as lamb - #iwillwearwhatilike The theme is pink /red which is appropriate! Come and see pink and red and orange together...yeah!



  1. Those are awesome! I think you looked fabulous in your outfit. Love the top contrast with white skirt.

  2. Pink boxing gloves are the perfect accessory! Love the floaty white dress. Xxx

  3. Hehehe, lovely story! I can imagine how much fun it was to make this post, with all those "unnghh" and "oof" and "bam" :)

  4. The perfect accessory to a pretty outfit! x

  5. Wow, that was big fun! Who doesn't need a pair of pink boxing gloves to defend in the wilderness?? Thanks for sharing, xo


  6. I love it! You add drama and excitement to the project. And your mix of masculine and feminine is the perfect attitude to take toward pink boxing gloves. Bravo! Very successful effort.

  7. Fun cartoon!!! I always so enjoy your playful spirit.
    PS I know you wrote a poem for my link-up. I haven't read it yet, but I just wanted to acknowledge that I am aware of it. I will definitely read it by the end of February. Thank you so much for participating!!

  8. What a fun idea! I wonder where the pink gloves will go next?

  9. What a fun visit to the gardens! D didn't realise you had so much BIFF & BAMM IN YOU. Love the outfit perfect with Boxing Gloves.
    BIG CONGRATULATIONS and HI FIVE to the creative team of Photographer and Actor!!!! D&M xxxx

  10. Ha ha! I love you in your superpower uniform.


  11. How much fun!!! I loved your modern take on the Arthurian legend! The nix of feminine and masculine shirt is really nice!!Xx

  12. oh my! this is so fabulous!!!!!
    you and mr actor are absolutely gorgeous talents!!! wonderful!!!
    love the white dress on you! perfect heroine attire!
    thanks for this great fun!

  13. That's awesome! I love your superhero shenanigans, JJ! You were much more creative with the gloves than I was!

  14. That was brilliant JJ! You are such a creative visual story teller and I envy your ability to fight a monster while wearing a pretty floaty white skirt. xoxo

  15. I just love your outfit. It is perfect. Honestly. You and Mr. Actor should turn this post into a children's book. Charming and inspiring. XXOO

  16. Well this made me chuckle out loud! You go, Jazzy! Glad the gardens are safe again.


  17. Apologies for my lateness , last week was rather hectic with last minute wedding bits to attend to. I enjoyed your play in the botanical gardens in the pink boxing gloves, your outfit perfect for the occasion.So much talent in your family.

  18. Funny series! I never had boxing gloves at my hands...

    Wish, my mother(89) had them as she was falling - now her hand is broken and she needs a lot of help (I'm in a permanently overload, but I must functioning in alldays life) - ). Sorry, that I come so rare visit you. And most of my posts are prepared ans saved. I've always a large stock of many things, not only of blog posts ;-)

  19. Wow! That was terrific! You outta be in movies, fer sure. Or a script writer, or ...

  20. Hello my lovely!!! I've got to correct you about your comment on my 11th blogiversary! You are certainly NOT one of those rude non-commenting bloggers!!! You have left many lovely comments on my blog. I was referring to those who do not deign to visit me/anyone even ONCE in the 2-3 years I have left them comments. Even though they comment on other people's, even though I am one of the only commenters, even though I leave meaningful comments and mention occasionally that it would be nice if they visited, even if they are unemployed without children!!! Nada, nothing!!!
    And I STILL comment on their blogs. So of course I'm not going to drop a lovely, busy blogging friend such as you!!! xxx

  21. What a Wonderful hearty laugh you gave me... I needed that! Reminded me of the Old Batman classics... POW... BIFF... you make a splendid Super Hero! Dawn... The Bohemian


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