27 March 2023

Celebration Month

 Hi folks!

Look at this, it’s not even April and I’m writing again. What?

We have had a month of big birthdays, so I thought it would be fun to record some of the festivities here in the old blog.

It began back on the 7th of March where we left off, with my 60th birthday.

Here I am with my big pressie, a magical flute. I am wearing the “Quing” crown (Queen/King said ‘Kwing’)we get as the birthday person. The Quing gets to call the shots for the day.

Cutting my birthday cake on our night picnic in our campervan ‘Brumhilda’.

The next big celebration was Aiden’s on the 19th. He turned 18. His big present was an electric mountain bike. Man, was he looking forward to this one. He had already selected it as we had to make sure he liked it, and then had to wait…………!

Still clean

Glamour shots

Look at that smile

What it was made for…all dusty.

The very next day we had our 35th wedding anniversary. Yes, Cris had to restrain himself from urging me to hurry when pushing out Aiden. He just squeaked into his own day at 11pm. I was going as fast as I could.

To celebrate our day we took ourselves to the ‘Feared and Revered’ exhibition at the Nation Museum, which was in collaboration with The British Museum. We got to see some lovely statues and historical finds relating to ancient goddesses and mythological beings.

Some of my favourites were:


Aphrodite/Venus rising from her bath

You know you have seen the real thing when you have seen the back.

Aboriginal Yawkyawk (complete with baby inside). I also love the shadows they made on the wall.

And coming in fast at the end of the month on the 24th, was Miles with his 21st birthday.
Here he is (looking very saintly) with his main present, a commuter ebike complete with belt drive. Can you tell he is studying engineering?

A family tradition on my side has been to be given an engraved knife on your 21st birthday.
Which then becomes the birthday knife. Up until now we have used mine, but here is Miles with his very own golden knife.

So that night at our night picnic we used it on his cake.

Even though it took a bit to light the candles on the windy night.  (We ended up only managing

I told you he looked saintly. Even his bike can walk on water.

The day after my birthday I wrote a poem. So I will leave you with these thoughts.

Here I sit

In a little patch of sun

Hiding from the wind 

The day after my 60th birthday 

And I feel my life 

Settling back around me 

Realising how much

It has loomed large 

In the distance

And now here I am

Safely on the other side.

The sun is still shining on me

And though the wind is blustery 

I can weather the storm.

All those swirling emotions 

Of gratitude and expectations 

And fear

Can all have a seat.

Big birthdays are full

Of ‘Do people love me?’

‘Will I die soon?’

‘How can I have the perfect day?’

‘Time is running out. How can I make

the most of the time left?’

‘My family is so precious 

and lovely to me.’

‘How can I not be a burden to them?’

Only now afterwards

Can I get some perspective 

And drop back down 

Into normal life.



Til next time,
Keep on creating!

Love Jazzy Jack

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  1. Wow! Happy birthday to all (60+18+21) 99 years of life!!!


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