Mother’s Day Poem

Greetings to you all this fabulous day!

Firstly thanks so much to all of you for your lovely comments on my A to Z poems. It certainly was a challenge. And I was never so glad our alphabet has only 26 letters. That’s the first time I’ve tried an alphabetical writing challenge and it probably won’t be the last. I did struggle to come up with stories during the lockdown, as it seemed I had said all I had to say towards the end, so I got a little silly. Which is totally fine and sometimes important for me who can be very serious. Ha!

We are still in our lockdown on the coast but our new apartment which we are waiting to move into is edging ever so closer. We are almost at the final step! Settlement just around the corner. Of course we were supposed to hear before the weekend when that would be, but their computers crashed so now we wait once again! It seems there is always one more hurdle in this 21 month saga. You would think I had developed patience by now and wouldn’t keep needing more lessons. I’m trying, I’m trying!

Really it has been quite wonderful being here all together with Cris working from home and not having to commute back and forth to Canberra each week. Although finding quiet working space in this tiny place has been a challenge sometimes, especially for his Zoom meetings and radio interviews on cold and rainy days especially. He has been seen out there under our awning with a blanket wrapped around his legs and me dashing back and forth providing hot drinks!

The hardest part for the kids has been that we are not allowed to travel around the town for anything except essentials. The way the kids entertain themselves usually here is with excursions, setting themselves challenges or investigating things. We are allowed outside for exercise so some of these projects have been able to be combined with exercise. For example they both bought themselves cameras with zoom lenses. So they have been able to go for walks to test them out on the beach. Our backyard is basically a beach, which we are so thankful for. And they have the run of the caravan park which is huge. But driving to photograph the planes, for example, would not be acceptable.
So we are now earmarking ideas to do next time we come down.

I have found being without my sewing machine difficult, and craft supplies. We have had a double upheaval by being locked down in a temporary living situation. It’s been harder without all our normal activities and limited wifi. But of course we are very comfortable and grateful to be together.

Our camper van has been a godsend as it has provided another living space for one person to escape to  during the day, and for Miles to sleep in at night (usually he sleeps on the fold out lounge in the living room). We parked it opposite the front door adjacent to the deck, so it is even almost under cover. Cris thought up that genius idea of course!

Our apartment will be only slightly bigger than this little portable dwelling, so this has been a great little exercise to see how we can go long term in a tiny space. Apart from Cris’ working space, we have done surprisingly well. So this bodes well for our move. Phew!

Alright will leave it there for now. Here is a poem I wrote for mothers.

Mother’s Day

I struggled with this concept
For many years
As the Drs had told us
"It's unlikely you will have kids"
So as each year rolled around
I fretted and hid
And felt sad
Now after ten years
Of trying the first time
And two weeks the next - what?!
We are the proud parents
Of two teenage boys
Turns out Drs are not infallible
But I still struggled
Because every year it seemed
I was being tested on my mothering
As invariably one or the other
Or both our kids would fall sick
Not the picture perfect day I had planned!

So here’s to those who mother
Whether your own or another's
We rock!
What a privilege
To be able to raise another person
Teaching and nurturing them
Into the world
Loving and being loved
So deeply in return
I don't need to tense
As this day approaches
Wondering what it will bring
Because for a Mother
Every day is Mother's Day
Smothered in hugs and kisses
And tears and snot
Full of tasks and laundry
And another endless meal
Seeing happy faces smiling towards us
And grumpy ones stomping away
Feeling our hearts burst as we turn a corner
And sometimes crying at our wit's end
Knowing this is the hardest
And most rewarding job
And we wouldn't have it
Any other way

Til next time,
Keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack

PS Photo by Aiden

A to Z Writing Challenge - Z for Zoom

Zoom zoom
We zoom around the world
In our cars and planes
Zoom zoom
Now the virus has come
We are stuck inside
But being an adaptive species
We zoom around
In our virtual world
At the speed of light
We are connected
Via Zoom

A to Z Writing Challenge - Y for Yield

My shoulder has decided 
To pack itself up
In a little tight wad
Of pain 
It seems our shoulder
Is involved in many
Subtle movements
Including typing
I am having 
To sit very still
And very straight
To avoid exacerbating it
There isn’t much
I can do
At the moment
And I have
To ask 
For help
For all my usual tasks
And I need to see
That the quickest way
Is to yield

A to Z Writing Challenge - X for X

When I am holed up
In a tiny space
Without access
To a garden of my own
I love to walk
In parks
And along rivers
Underneath tall trees
After the cockatoos
Have finished feasting
And sprinkled 
All their dinner left overs
On the ground
I collect them together
And secrete them 
Around my home
And as I move
Through my days
They feel like
Tiny kisses of love

A to Z Writing Challenge - W for Waiting

Who can identify
With the word 
‘Waiting’ right now?
Around the world
We are waiting
To see what is possible
If not probable
For this week 
And the next
Will we be able to drive
Or eat out
Or go to work?
Things we have 
Always taken for granted
All put on hold

But wait
What’s this?
A missive
From afar
Stating that life
Is already happening
While we are waiting!
Have we missed it?
Oh no!
Because this is our life
Like it or not
And as we yearn 
For something else
We have lost it
Wait no more.

A to Z Writing Challenge - V for Valiant

Here I sit
Late at night
Trying to find
Some words within
To fill a small poem
On the letter V
Only 5 days left
To finish our challenge
A to Z we said
And now regret
Our gung-ho commitment
At the start of the month
Champing at the bit
To have a go
And find some
Unusual poem topics
But now it feels
The well is dry
And all my ideas
Are about the virus
How many more poems
Can I write
About something
I really want to forget
But maybe once more
In our daily lives
And on the page
We will make a valiant effort
And carry on

A to Z Writing Challenge - U for Understand

In my life
I have found
People long
To be understood
To be seen and heard
By others
To feel their lives
And that they aren’t alone
In their big bad world

So now in this moment
Of world disintegration
And yet integration
We can turn
To each other
And be that which
We long for
By saying
I understand