Visiting the Apple Isle

Hold tight my lovelies! We are heading off to Hobart, Tasmania for a photovisit.
Cris and I had the opportunity to travel there for a few days around our wedding anniversary last month. So before it turns to May, I thought I would share some of our adventures.
Firstly we visit the point at Sandy Bay to see the old lighthouse and battery at Blinking Billy Point.
Cris was fascinated...there is even an underground secret passage.
This is a very posh area and big houses have sprung up around. But I'm not sure I'd like all and sundry staring in my windows.
 There are some interesting buildings in Hobart. Here  are a couple from the University area, one of some old silos which have been repurposed for apartments, and a fountain in a dugout roundabout which is as old as me (looks a bit UFOish to me!)

We saw some demolition, and this sculpture which hasn't made up its mind whether or not to fall.

 This is a heritage building in the city area, which they are demolishing. They have preserved only the fa├žade of the first floor. The rear and the ground floor are gone. Surreal!

 As Cris is a Forester we have spent some hours in the Forestry Tasmania building. It is such an amazing space, with a forest and stream inside the foyer. We found out they are being moved out as the Forestry Department has been reduced and reduced. So now they have no one to manage their timber and their beautiful foyer will probably be made into offices. I took some photos for posterity.
One of the reasons we love Hobart is all the cool little sights around town. Here are a sample.
We were bemused by the steep ramp with little steps inside.
We enjoyed all the interesting boat and water views. This big catamaran heads out to Mona the modern art gallery on an island. We didn't make it there, but the boat with the sheep and cows on the back was very entertaining.
How do you like this garage door scene? What about the photo of the girl in front of the same building? And how is this for a light covering?
And of course we enjoyed walking around the water at night and seeing all the lovely reflections.

Ah Hobart, you are stunning.
Stay tuned for a couple more Hobart posts coming up!
Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 342: Sandstone breakout

long painted over
sandstone wall
breaks out of cover
proclaiming its true nature