In praise of quiet voices and a poem

Greetings my lovely readers and friends!
Do you like my elegant Winter outfit taken in front of my son's nonelegant bedroom?!
A good foil for my look!

Jacket, skirt, gloves - thrifted, scarf old, boots new - ebay

I wonder why it is that life is like blogging? I find myself hanging back in places where there are a lot of commenters, just like in life because I don't do well in crowds. I feel I have nothing original to add and they won't notice me in amongst hundreds of other voices. And I do like to be noticed if I'm honest! Also I prefer a personal relationship where they respond.

So I am attracted to the smaller less recognised more personal blogs. Often the big blogs are just better at publicity rather than content anyway!

I also have a lemming resistant gene, so if something seems popular I instinctively run in the other direction. I am compulsively original! Almost pathologically so! This isn't always healthy and I do miss out at times.

I like to create and follow original ideas. It gives me such a buzz. Like exploration when travelling...seeing what lies beyond the bend. There is a freshness with a newly minted idea. A whiff of composted earth. An excitement embodied within.

Rereading this I see I am equating small with original which is interesting. Of course large successful blogs can contain originality! Maybe what I mean is I prefer newly discovered to established. I like the trembling fiddle head of the fern frond emerging. However I adore rocks and trees. Hmmm.

It could be the noisy environments I eschew. Rocks and trees have a calm presence in spite of their size. In fact there is a special magnificence embodied in a quiet giant, like a large choir singing softly. Are there any quiet giant blogs?

I think sometimes we quieter people feel we shouldn't speak up because we have nothing to say. I say, rubbish! The soft voice is often a well thought through voice that is worth taking the time to listen to.

So I want to encourage all you softer voices...keep gently making your presence known!

I will continue to put out my original work, trying to create something of lasting beauty for the world. My blog keeps me connected with others, and gives me a reason to create. It is a record of our lives for the future and an archive of my work for my kids if noone else :-D

I like to think it embodies all I admire, being quietly original and personal, full of newborn beauty and quirky fun. I hope you do too!

See the face?

My morning musings

breakfast at 9am

in the sun

on a busy working day

traffic whirring past

as I dig into my toast

and the contrast serves

to magnify the cosiness

makes the tea taste better

tiny milk bottle

refractions on the table

sitting in the corner

of Cornerstone Cafe


in the sun


I hope you enjoyed my lying-in-bed-on-Saturday-morning thoughts!

Til next time, keep on creating and showing your beauty to the world.


Jazzy Jack








BeautyScope 244: Tracery

I just love staring at the sky through branches.
It has soothed me since I was a baby.
Do you?

the wind

traces the beats

of my heart

on the sky

with sticks

and leaves

and branches

PS I find I'm not having much luck NOT commenting on other's blogs like I planned. You may have noticed. I do love a chat!

I think I'm worried too much about something others flow in and out of.

We try and then we adjust. Still working it all through...please be patient!


Jazzy Jack

PS Linking up with Skywatch Friday


National Tree Day radio interview

Last Sunday was National Tree Day and as Bushy is the go-to guy for tree commentary in Canberra, we received a call from our local radio station on Saturday. Was he in town and could he come down to the studio for a chat?

Say yes, say yes! From me, who would have to do no work at all!!


Here he is dazzling the host Lish with his stories.

We all went along for the ride, and Lish very kindly let Mr Actor inside the studio to do his filming. He is a budding photographer, and was very professional.
You may see the ipod on the window sill. Mr Artist is doing a time lapse. Dad didn't move much!
I was there in my tree jacket!

Here we are in our tree stylings! (Both jackets thrifted and I added my hand made felted tree patch) Bushy gets a lot of compliments for his.


So that is how we celebrated trees and promoted them for National Tree Day.

Oh, and I did a tree themed BeautyScope last post!

Psst! If you want to read some good inside knowledge about trees, their stories and controversy read Bushy's blog

In Honour of Mencken.

'Til next time, keep on creating,


Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 241: Lake lighting

Are you attracted to night walks? Or do they scare you?


I looked out

and saw some stars

had landed in my lake

stars strewn

like scattered confetti

stuck to the surface of my lake


Heartwoods living

Hello my wonderful friends!
I thought you might like to see how we survive
out in the wilds of our bush block "Heartwoods".

Here is our daggy shed complete with magical pot belly stove.

Winter is sitting in front of the hard working solar fridge...sooo much better than melting iceblocks!
We collect water in a tank which you can see
in the top left of this photo (NOT the bath tubs!)
We sieve the water due to a wriggler (baby mosquito) problem.
Then we filter it in this ceramic filter system...wonderful! The sink is a work cast off. Old lab sink. One day we will pipe water in from the tank!!
Cooking takes place on a gas burner and the pot belly
when it isn't taking place under the stars.
Our washing up system
The glamorous dunny/loo/outhouse!
Where Mr Artist sleeps, safely in a tent as befits an independent teen.
The reason we put up with it all! Our view.

Would you join us if you could? Do you like roughing it?

I hate roughing it but I love the peace of the bush, and it sure makes you appreciate your city house afterwards!

'Till next time, keep on creating,


Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 240: Ghost protection

More mist and fog to cool my Summer viewers :-)
Do you collect bracelets? Do you believe in ghosts?

some trees collect bracelets

to ward off tree ghosts

in the mist


BeautyScope 239: Lantern festival

Our school holds a stunning Winter Solstice Lantern Festival where each grade makes and carries a different design.

Have you ever participated in one? Or made a paper lantern?

paper globes

bob and wave

holding the light


BeautyScope 238: Sky silhouettes

I love how the sky is the focus in this shot. With subtle inclusions to make it interesting.

Do you remember to look up and see the painting being lived out above us? Canberra has such amazing skies!

stark outlines

from tree and post

contrast a silky painted sky


BeautyScope 237: Digger zoo

Thankyou to all of my wonderful friends, for your total acceptance and friendship. Your comments on my disability blog post warmed my heart and reassured me.

Here is another foggy photo! For those in Summer heat to help cool you.

massive beast

contained, curtailed

by nature and man


BeautyScope 236: Stairway to heaven

I held my camera up at arms length and pointed it down the branch to get this shot. Goodness knows what people around thought!

Ever been so excited by a shot you looked a fool to get it?

fungal social climber

the branch

leading to heaven?


BeautyScope 235: Foggy eyrie

Don't you love fog?
I raced back for my camera this day when taking the kids to school.
So glad I did!

eagle guards its foggy nest

never knowing

what will emerge?


Blogging with a disability, elephant pants and scarf hat

Hello there my beauties! I need to apologise.

I am still feeling overwhelmed. Surprise, surprise!

My approach to blogging (and the internet) has been much the same as my approach to life. I have launched myself into it with great enthusiasm, sampling everything so I can decide what suits.

Unfortunately the fall out of this is that I have only so much energy, and inevitably I have to cull. Oh the dreaded culling...! :-/

After over a year of blogging, I now can say that I find the friendships I've made to be some of the nicest people around. I really want to stay in touch!

But to do that I will have to spread myself so thin, I won't exist in the real world. Even though I have ridiculously restricted my blog roll!

I feel sometimes like I'm standing in front of a room full of people(gorgeous people), and they are all shouting at me their latest news. It feels as stimulating to my sensitive nervous system as actually interacting with them in person.

Unfortunately these same gorgeous people are the ones who leave beautiful comments on my blog!

So there is an unspoken agreement that I will leave comments for you and you will leave them for me. A conversation! Very civilised and a lot of fun.

However because of my recent health issues I find I only have energy to write blog posts, not comment on them. What to do? I don't want to be selfish and never comment on others, and I want comments on mine!

But I'm now taking the awful step of doing just that. The alternative is stopping altogether, which would grieve me more!

So I will be posting, and hoping some people still enjoy my offerings. But there will be no guarantees of reciprocation :-(

This is the sad reality of living with and managing a disability.

Feel free to drop me if you feel annoyed. I will still be trying to keep up with your news, and occasionally commenting, but can't promise the level I've managed up until now (which was pretty bad)!

I'm hoping that by taking this step I will have more energy to do art in the real world.

Of course I will be reassessing this down the track.

Another solution will be that I will leave little smilies to say I'm thinking of you. Please feel free to do the same to me! :-D

I am also abandoning Disqus although in some ways it has been great. There have been too many people have had issues with it, and if I can't manage the commenting anymore there is no point.

As far as the rest of the internet goes, I have Facebook to keep in touch with people I know in real life, Google for those who have followed me in photography groups, Instagram for cute quick photos, and Pinterest for inspiration. These have also been pared back to the minimum interaction, but I find them useful so keep them around.

Anyway, on the fashion front...I offer a photo (at the top) of my elephant pants, aren't they great?! And here is a lovely scarf I received as a surprise from a friend. Doesn't it make a great hat?!

'Til next time, keep on creating!

Love always,

Jazzy Jack



BeautyScope 233: Ferny lifecycle

Isn't the order of Nature amazing? With the lines of spores echoing the lines of the leaf?



birth and death

taking place

on any leaf I pass