BeautyScope 417: Stick Insect

sticky green leaf
hugs my mirror
with tiny claws
weirdly wondrous design

BeautyScope 411: Wisteria Plied

binding and twining
holding each other tight
strong wisteria
heads up to do its job

BeautyScope 409: Rainy Sunset

Photo by Aiden

fiery rain
starts streaming from the sky
aurora apocalypse

BeautyScope 408: Beached Bluebottles

oo yuck!
someone left all these 
bottles on the beach
oh wait, they're bluebottles!
hmm, still yucky

Creative Catchup

Greetings everyone!
I thought I'd catch you up on a few creative projects I've been working on lately.

Here is a youtube video I made with my new microphone.  Prior to now I've not had a microphone that will record my singing without blowing out.
Finally I treated myself, and I'm very happy with it.
So I attempted to do a youtube video, but my miming skills leave a lot to be desired.
Instead of scrapping it I thought it would be funny to share it with some weird trying-to-be-cool graphics to suit!

This illustrates something I feel is important in creating, remember to play and give yourself the freedom to make mistakes. When you do, just laugh and move on. Creating should be fun, not a serious chore! After all, you are creating something new. Who says it's wrong? It's never been made before!

Another venture I've been involved in over the last couple of years is a photo shoot which turned into a book. Talk about embracing imperfections!
I was asked to pose for a exhibition of queer people in Canberra. They asked us to suggest a location where we felt at home. I chose the arboretum, because for some reason that is where I feel most Canberran, which is big for this nomad. I didn't like the photo that emerged due to my scowly expression. They had me staring into the setting sun...squint, squint!
However they said it looked "strong" and "elegant", so I stifled my objections and perfectionist tendencies and ran with it. What do you think?

A couple of years later they have come out with a book called "Queerberra" and recently had the book launch.

During that month the photos from the book were randomly projected on a wall high in the foyer of one of our hotels. It is a surreal experience seeing yourself this way.
Here is a photo Cris took at the book launch after waiting phone poised until my photo flashed up. Such dedication and arm pain!

Finally, here are a few photos of some other creations.
This outfit started life as a wrap around dress which was too small. I picked it up secondhand of course, because I loved the quality of the fabrics. The top is a strong jersey and the bottom a thick linen. I removed the ties, added a button, enlarged the armholes (by cutting and leaving them raw!) and stitched down the front. I wear it with a singlet underneath to preserve my modesty and it all works really well!

Here is the detail of the scarf I knitted. It showcases the beautiful yarn so well and I feel very elegant in it. Do you see leaves or feathers?

The next outfit is a dress I made from a tablecloth and overdyed with eucalyptus and iron. It developed some holes due to the age of the tablecloth, and so I boro stitched some dyed silk on top. How to make something rubbish into something useful.  Just have a go!

Close up of the patching.

Here is the scarf I am wearing in the above picture. It was a lovely pale pink silk which I couldn't resist at the op shop. But it really did nothing for me, so I dyed it with the above dyes and careful folding with bulldog clips. Didn't it come out well? And a much better colour for me!

Cris snapped this shot of me with the photographer of "Queerberra" getting her signature.
See my scarf?

Breaking news
Australia just voted for marriage equality and it passed into law a couple of days ago. We have joined the rest of the enlightened world. Go Australia!

So mainly I want to encourage you to 'av a go' as we say over here, and try something creative.
You never know, it might be great!
Do you have anything you would love to create but are hesitant about? Have you had a go and found it worked out?
Or not, and laughed about it? I'd love to hear about it.

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 405: Glassy wave

some days waves
are just like molten glass
and I want to
photograph them all!