Mother's Day love

Today I want to publicly celebrate my Mum.
These photos are of her with Miles and Aiden a few years ago now. She is such an awesome Grandma to my kids, and what more can a mother ask? You have taught me how to be a Mum.

Mum is always on the end of the phone to chat when I need some counsel. She is wise and steady and gentle with a quirky sense of humour. Mum also is a great portraitist of various leaves and flowers she finds on her walks. She is expert at finding beautiful things and finding joy in everything.
I often reach out to her to help me see things from a calmer perspective because she has positive thinking down!
Mum is also great at talking to people and helps everyone she meets feel special. She even does pastoral care to those in need at her retirement home.
Mum and Dad's house is a warm, calming space with cups of tea at the drop of a hat!
Here is a poem I wrote that reminds me of her.

We all hang 
On a spider's wing
A translucent thread
Floating on music
we first heard
in our mother's womb
Singing of fighting and chances 
and holding on
...swinging on love.

My parents are great sports. You may remember this post a few years ago.

I adore you Mum!

And I hope your Mother's Day is as special as you.

All my love,
Jazzy Jack

Why not have another video!

Greetings my beauties!
Here is another video to catch up with what we've been doing.
Thanks so much to all who wrote such lovely comments answering my questionnaire before the break.
I feel the need to change things up a little and trying to see what people respond to.
However for now all I have the energy for is doing videos and Instagram posts. Yes, I'm back on Instagram, trying it out again. Maybe it will stick, who knows. Or maybe I just need a change.

I've been exploring a lot of topics like flow, and autism and giftedness to see if I can get rid of my constant headaches and body tension. Yesterday I just stayed in bed apart from exercising, and cutting Miles' hair. It seemed to help and although seems obvious, is never that obvious to me! I always feel the need to do something to fix my tension. Crazy I know!

Anyway, here is the video, and I'll talk to you soon hopefully.

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack 

It's been a minute

Greetings gorgeous friends!

Life has taken me away to thrash me around a bit. We have had too much fun since the beginning of the year, with birthdays and travel and performance.
I am only now (maybe) groping my way through.
I can't really decide where to start, but here is my latest video to update you a bit.
Love you!
Jazzy Jack