BeautyScope 427: Blank slate

every new day
like the new tide
presents a blank page
for us to write anew

New Year's play 2018

Hello folks! Happy 2018!

Well it's been a relaxing Christmas holiday time for us here in the Brack household. Just before Christmas we ventured to the Hunter Valley which you can see in the above video. If you persevere past the house tour which I included for our memory files, you will see guitar playing, Hunter Valley gardens at night, and even some pool gymnastics!

After Christmas we had a quiet week at home which included a lovely walk with Cris in the loooong grass, which Winter thoroughly enjoyed.

We also took in the New Year's Eve fireworks. This involves parking two hours beforehand at a vantage point on the lake with this stunning view.

And to pass the time we played our newly acquired Jenga (or its knock off cousin Jumbling Towers) in our handy campervan Brumhilda.

 We also managed a little sparkler action...come on baby light my fire...

which included this combined effort. Is it a car or specs?

The fireworks were well worth waiting for.
And don't you think fireworks are almost nicer photographed by a bad photographer who blurs them? :-)

Aiden and I also managed a week away at the beach where we took this selfie. Do we look alike?

So we hope the New Year is treating you kindly
and I look forward to some creative adventures together!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack

BeautyScope 424: Curious rocks

rocks become curious
and head out to sea
to see what the fuss is all about

BeautyScope 420: Tower trigonometry

every now and then
I am surprised
by manmade things
-these angles against the sky!