Tardis Tuesday blue and online musings

Well here I am again! Howdy!

I realised I was once more in blue in time for Tardis Tuesday, so quickly got Mr Actor to snap a couple of quick poses.

Before I get into that, I've gone and done something crazy...I deactivated my Facebook account...da da dah! (Cue spooky music.)

I realised I was spending too much time being sucked down the rabbit holes of other people's making. And then being depressed by their news driven info and the amount of time wasted. I also would put personal information out there when at a low which I would regret later, even though I was careful of my audience.

I resisted leaving for a while because I was in touch with old friends through this medium. But really I would get a sporadic like of a post but no real interaction. So it was spurious contact. I haven't missed the contact that much and hopefully will connect up with friends properly i.e. email, phone or cafe.

I've noticed how I feel more open to my physical friendships and to engaging in longer deeper ways. I also have more head space to engage with my blogger friends.

Online relating is not all equal I've discovered. Most of it is fast paced and tenuous. It feels more substantial than it is. Someone hitting a like button may have never really looked or read the substance within. Things move on quickly and it is easy to miss your target audience.

Whereas Pinterest and blogging are permanent sites you can return to again and again and engage deeply with the content and the people creating it. Blogging also brings out the creative spark where people create original content rather than just sharing the same news around and around.

I enjoy Instagram for its instant visual impact where I post funny pictures of faces I see in things and promote my blog. I like its cross promotion by tags where you can reach anyone. I have made interesting artistic connections this way.

I also use Google+ for connecting to like minded groups, but my personal page gets minimal response.

So FB is my first casualty. It remains to be seen if the others follow!

Alright enough news. Now to the clothes.

So today for your delectation we have an overgrown haircut, with a felted moth eaten vest of Bushy's I cut down (cut the bands off). So warmmmmm!

Under that is my handmade dress/tunic made from Indian fabric courtesy of a friend.

Under that is my silk dressing gown I made into a tunic by sewing the front together...genius!

The top layer has pockets...can you tell? :-D

And under it all are the secret pettipants, with my lovely Black Milk tights and hard working Rockports.


See you at Tardis Tuesday...and Visible Monday...race you....!


Jazzy Jack


Put on your sunnies, quick!

I have been preoccupied with setting up my homeschooling, and so just pop in and out again to comment. This means I miss your gems if they have scrolled too far in my feed.

I will catch up eventually, I'm sure, but my finishing gene is screaming!

I did manage to make an outfit for a friend and sent it off last week. She received it graciously, but I'm sure she must have been blinded when she opened the package! Here I am modelling it.

It's another Tina Givens pattern but I made the top into a wrap jacket instead.

I think it's the Plinka pants minus the pleats, and the Phoebe top with only one layer.

Made with some secondhand fabrics from thrifting and gifting.

Linking with Patti's Visible Monday because if I'm not visible in this I never will be! Come and see her in her lovely wrap dress.

Much love and keep creating!

Jazzy Jack


Springing up and homeschooling

Well Summer is finally here!...oops! Sorry, Spring! It always comes in with a bang and we wonder how we will cope with Summer if it's this hot already! But it calms down a bit for a while until the main event.

I took this shot mainly for Beate so she could see the shorts on me that I made to her pattern, shown in this post. I actually went for a run this morning! And my heart was fine! Just my legs and breathing to work on. Normal stuff...yay! (And the shorts didn't fall down)

Some additions to the pot garden, mostly succulents stolen donated from my parent's garden, to welcome in Spring...and a much awaited lemon tree!

My geraniums are resprouting at the same time as the Winter pansies are still flowering on the table.

This year's herbs are international. Aussie mint, Italian parsley, and Thai basil!

On the schooling front we have had a change in circumstances. Mr Actor wasn't coping at school, even with my driveway support. He was becoming dangerously skinny and catching every bug in sight. So I've decided to remove him from school under a medical certificate and we are home schooling for now.

We have had such a turn around in energy and activity I know it was the right decision.

He got back on the bike.

Chopped up some wood with Dad's new hatchet.

And due to his challenges star chart being filled, was able to get a new guitar!

Here he is learning to sew a piece of paper...

...look at those straight stitches!

He is a great cook so we had banana and walnut loaf made.

And I scored a cup of tea with chocolate covered walnuts...all invented by him!

Mr Artist has been hard at work playing World of Tanks these holidays, winning battle after battle and climbing the tiers. He now knows more about tanks than I ever knew and our conversations are regularly peppered with tank initials and numbers.

We also had fun inventing a ghost hand shake one day!

So as the day finishes and the golden light shines through my wax mobile, I'll say farewell...

...and leave you with Winter's cute sleeping face! (Taken by Mr Actor)

'Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack