BeautyScope 270: Summer evenings

insects pulling lazy loops

in the low languid light

ahh! summer evenings

Written by Mr Actor and Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 269: Up periscope!

going against the crowd
going your own way
up periscope!
and see what you can see


PNG childhood


Thought you might like to see some old photos from PNG (Papua New Guinea) where I grew up. As a family we left in 1982, but Mum and Dad went back again in the 90s for a short while. These photos are from that time.

This is the house in Mt Hagen where I grew up. It is a duplex. We lived in the end close to the road for 10 years, then moved to the other end for a couple of years just for a change. There was no big fence then, just chainlink. Although we had an alarm system and were burgled a couple of times it was quite safe compared to now. We could walk the streets alone quite safely.
The views (of which we have no photos!) are to die for. Right across the valley to the mountains.

Mum at the markets...note the hairdo of the seller. Mum is carrying a bilum.

Woman wearing meri blouse and laplap...ubiquitous.

Firewood...very precious.

Towels and fabrics in bright colours.

Woman making a bilum and selling wool to make them. Very the past they used tree bark.

Bilums for sale at the airport. Extremely strong used for carrying everything from food and clothes to firewood and babies! I have a few and will do a post on them sometime.

PNG was a lovely place to grow up and we have so many happy memories. Nowadays things are a little more dangerous but the general population are still as friendly and welcoming as ever.

I am grateful to have grown up amongst poverty. We, who had nothing according to Western standards, were the rich people! It certainly puts our world into perspective.

It certainly isn't how much we have that makes us happy!

Keep creating and showing your beauty to the world,


Jazzy Jack



BeautyScope 268: Wet beard


the pansy's chin drips

with beads of water

once it has guzzled

its fill of rain


BeautyScope 267: Sharing knowledge


stand back!

knowledge is jumping

two generations!!

(mum and dad share with mr actor)


Reducing a too large shirt and no sew poncho.

Greetings all.

I thought I would share the lazy way I made this lovely XL soft shirt fit me, and show you my no- sew poncho.

Here is the sleeve hanging off the shoulder and over my hand.


I liked the fit of the body, just needed to adjust the sleeves but was too lazy to remove them. What does a lazy person do? Take some small tucks in the shoulder of course!


And another tuck just above the sleeve cuff...


Ta da! You would never tell!


See my new boho skirt with embroidery and also the cute boho style belt as well!

(Shirt, skirt and belt all thrifted)

Just to round it all off and because I was a little chilly during this wet day, I grabbed a piece of knit fabric from my stash. It was a remnant and I've never found good use for it but I loved the velvet texture of the diamonds. Pinned a brooch and it became a poncho! (No sew poncho- knits don't need edge finishing) It's found its place.


Now isn't my owl just the sweetest little thing?

All made of wood.

Hope you are inspired to create and play. What do you think?


Jazzy Jack


Tablecloth and sheet shenanigans

One day I decided I needed some!

Rats, I can't leave the house. I know! Ransack the linen closet!

The top was totally invented by me, by cutting around a shirt and making up the bottom cutaway.

I made five little pleats in the back waist to give it a swing, deliberately keeping it loose to allow for the cute bloomers. You can just see the massive pattern matching at the side seams!

And would you believe I had some matching ribbon from a parcel long ago to finish the hem and neck. I deliberately left it to's not just badly sewn!

The pants are made from an old sheet and Tina Givens Phoebe pants pattern.

So, I had fun.

Should I have left them in the cupboard?

The tablecloth was too small for our table and the sheet was old (I hope it doesn't rip as I bend over!)

Have I " added value", as they say?

Linking with Visible Monday. One more pink visible outfit!

Patti has a giveaway if you care to join in.


Jazzy Jack