Natural Medley's first birthday

Thrifted wrap pants, silk scarf and tunic top

This time last year I started a blog.
You may have heard of it?

I didn't have a clue where I was headed.

I just knew I needed a creative outlet that could fit into my home bound life.
Here is
my first baby post. Isn't it cute? And I'm still collecting jackets!

What I know now I didn't know then.

The negatives
I would:
Feel frustrated that more friends in my day to day didn't follow or care
Find time management hard
Be swallowed up by the internet
Feel totally overwhelmed by the need to read and comment on others' blogs so it's not just one sided
Be frustrated at the need to restrict blogs I follow so I can get around to commenting
Feel annoyed at myself for not managing more linkups

The positives
I would :
Learn to Instagram and Pinterest
Learn photo editing
Learn how to add gadgets and add-ons
Write blog posts with my kids
Share my difficult personal stories (sexuality, gender, autism) and receive so much acceptance
Sell one of my paintings to a fan overseas
Create a visual diary of our family's travel
Learn to model and pose
Have photos of me for posterity (I take most family photos)
Learn to write meaningful comments in a couple of sentences
Use more than my fair share of smiley faces :-D and exclamation marks!!!
Create over 200 art works in the form of my BeautyScopes
Become friends with the amazing bloggers I was stealthily following
Be recognised with awards for my work
Get a better camera and learn to shoot manually
Have my work seen all over the world
Gain hundreds of followers
Enjoy encouraging others' creativity
Feel amazed at others' creativity
Feel extremely artistically stretched (in a good way) and fulfilled
Find a family of unique creative gutsy warm funny individuals

As you can see the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Where will we be a year from now?

The unknown can be frightening (especially with my brain), but also mysterious and wonderful!
And if this past year is anything to go by, I welcome it with open arms.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for being part of my life.

Will you journey with me a little further?
Much love,
Jazzy Jack

PS Linking with MisPapelicos ShareinStyle.
Come on over and see  Sacremento in white and pearls and vintage curtains!

Some random poem

I had a lovely day at our Botanic Gardens the other day, and while sitting in the shade having my morning tea picnic, I composed this poem.

She heard the city humming
Like a tired out fan
And bees buzzing
In the trees
Filling her head with thrumming

And as she sat
Listening to the world
A fat magpie
Walked right up
And looked her in the eye

A little spider
Suddenly appeared
On a filament
And running up her skin

She blankly stared
Still and silent
Caught by day dreams
Mind far away
But inside she screamed!
©  JJ 16/02/2015.

'Til next time,
keep on creating
and showing your unique selves to the world!

Jazzy Jack

Mushy Bushy Valentine

For Valentine's Day and for Anne of Spy Girl's I Heart linkup, I would like to tell you a love story. A story about love so strong it couldn't be shaken even by forces that would break many relationships.

This is a story about my wonderful husband Bushy.
After I had my two miracles ( the kids we were told we would never have), I seemed to undergo a change. I found myself questioning my sexuality, and subsequently my gender. Over a period of years, and much counselling, I started sorting out a few answers. One of the issues was whether I would stay married. Leaving aside the fact that I had two very young children, I was still in love with Bushy even if my feelings about myself and my attraction had changed. So after much soul searching we decided to stay together and create a new look relationship.
We created new ways to be intimate, and help us feel special.
Of course we haven't ever had a traditional relationship given my Aspergers. So being creative with our intimacy isn't a new thing.

One symbol of our love was our wedding rings, which we had designed. But part of my new thinking meant that the style of ring didn't sit well with me, so I stopped wearing it. But I felt naked without it. I wanted another symbol, so bought a new ring in which I felt more comfortable, and asked Bushy to engrave something inside. He kept it a secret.
Imagine my wonder and joy when he gave it to me, and I found he had engraved the word "True".

True to myself, and true to each other. Just totally sums up our journey.
So here I offer my tribute to my gentle-man...who still manages to blow me away!

Happy Valentine's Day my love.


Instagram madness

Hotting up over here this weekend.
We have had a very mild Summer, mostly in the 20s with rain!
But this weekend has headed into the 30s. As long as it stays away from 40 territory we can cope!

I have been having a ball on Instagram lately. (See button in the margin.) Come and join the fun. @naturalmedley is my handle!

Here are some shots from my daily adventure!

My continuing daily hands series:

Gold bracelets with diamond and crystals, wedding rings designed by us, and small gold coloured ring found on the ground and given to me by my son
Silver bracelets given by Bushy with a small opal pendant, wedding ring to celebrate being true to myself, and tree of life ring to celebrate health

Green rings secondhand, leather coloured ring retail, coloured bead bracelet made by me
 A crazy project:
Wrapped my earbuds with colourful embroidery floss...argh my neck!
Here is a video of me dancing to the music sent by Dana from Danalovesfashionandmusic on her blog. Come over and find some amazing music which she adds every post.
Dancing to Dangerous(feat. Sam Martin) - Robin Schulz Remix -David Guetta
Linking up to Patti's Visible Monday linkup. I think I'm visible enough?
And that's all for now!

'Til next time, keep creating and showing your fabulous dancing to the world!

Jazzy Jack