Hello and video

Greetings my friends,
Here we are after months with no action on my blog!
I am struggling to know what to write these days as I have no interest in my BeautyScopes and fashion. 
I have done a video recently so thought that could make a blogpost.
Here we are with Miles' photography experiments (hopefully you won't get seasick), his latest building project, and Aiden's new electric scooter which has given him back the world.
(Due to his chronic illness his fitness has really dropped, so he was even having trouble walking. Now he has explored with his scooter, he has also started riding Cris' electric bike, and a teeny tiny bit on a normal bike. His fitness is coming back, and with it our sparkly eyed boy. Such a great investment, and something I think people should accept as a mobility aid. Currently they only accept wheelchair type vehicles which are cumbersome and not as cool for a teenager...or older person! OK, enough ranting.)

Here is the video:

Behind the scenes I have also started work on a book of poems. Don't hold your breath, but I write it here to keep me accountable :-)

Here is one I wrote recently:
Away from the sea
I crave endless space
Space to take a breath
And play
No crowding
Or expectations
Or hard edges.
I need an enormous sandpit
Big enough to run in
To put my life
Into perspective
The waves don't care
If I hit my deadlines
Or have a clean house.
I can settle back
Into the groove
And flow

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack