Heartwoods : Firewood cutters

We love gathering free firewood from our bush block. Often there are standing dead trees we can cut and use straight away. Making the bush safer and keeping us warm. Win, win!
Bushy in his element.

How long do we have to wait here in this boring truck?!

Keep it coming!

Satisfying trailer load.

Glamorous blogger!


Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 220: Bars

sometimes life seems

to crowd around us

as though we are trapped

inside bars

but often

if you look closely

you will see

they are only shadows



Balloon festival

Today we go to the Balloon Festival!

We get up before the sun...

Stare at bugs around a light...

While we wait. Then suddenly...roar!!

The people become dwarfed
by colourful windbags in curious shapes,
as they slowly rise in a graceful yet noisy ascent.

Star Wars was there in force,

much to the kids' delight.

Along with the Airforce.

I just love the graphic lines and shapes created
And how they look against our landmarks...
seen here over the Arboretum where Bushy works.

Over the sculpture "Wide Brown Land"

And over Lake Burley Griffin

Balloons attract flying buzzing insects, did you know?
And all the people turn out to photograph them,
including Bushy with his ipad.

Little people run after them calling "Don't go!"

But I'm afraid that's it until next year! Ohhh!

The Balloon Festival week starts around my birthday in the beginning of March (these are old photos!) and two years running now we have braved the early morning start to enjoy it. It's a tradition!

Let's see how we fare next year :-)

I hope you enjoyed that taste of an iconic Canberran festival.

'Til next time, keep on creating amazingness,


Jazzy Jack





Scarf heaven

Hello all you gorgeous people.
In case you haven't noticed the activity on my Instagram sidebar; recently I received a generous gift of a box of the most colourful silk scarves from Mascha of Maschas Buch. I decided to do justice to them all I would challenge myself to invent a new outfit each day based on a new scarf.
Here is the result so far! I am in scarf heaven!!
Vest - thrifted and felted, silk shirt - sale, silk velvet pants - old retail.

Shirt, vest, jacket, pants, shoes - thrifted, belt - gift

Hat, collar, wool coat, belt - thrifted, silk velvet pants, shoes - old retail

T shirt, leather jacket - thrifted, turtle neck - old retail, pants - new retail

Silk shirt - retail sale, vest and pants - thrifted, Uggs - retail

Shirt and vest - thrifted, jeans and socks - retail

Shirt and vest - old retail, wool skirt and jeans - thrifted

Dress and jeans - thrifted, shoes - retail sale

White dress and shoes - thrifted, underdress - handmade by me, jean jacket - retail old
So here is a thankyou song for you Mascha!
I sang you a song in German because that is the only German I know, and you make such an effort in English for us all the time, I wanted to go halfway back :-)
Imagine we are having morning tea and I pop to the piano and sing you a song.
(shot by Mr Actor- Could only upload the last verse due to size restrictions)
The song is "Frulingsglaube" by Schubert and topically, is about Spring!
For those of you interested, I'm still waiting on results for my health issues. So day by day I am trying to live in calmness and tranquillity.
I've been doing some tidying and breathing in meditative state which I'll talk more about another time.
Anyway, keep an eye on the IG sidebar and watch my daily challenge with the scarves!
'Til next time, keep on creating and showing your beautiful unique selves to the world.
Jazzy Jack


Blue loves, and some gold.

One day I wore blue with stars

An art glass piece I found at the op shop for $6!

My new haircut

New creations using beads from Shawna's gift

I made the necklace with a loop so it is adjustable.
 Looks like a bead tie.

Our driveway is covered in leaves these Autumn days

Lots of love,
Jazzy Jack

Break at the waves

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach,
North Wollongong.
First time for 18 months!!
Windswept beach and view of hotel from beach.
It wasn't what you would call warm, but we are hardy Canberra stock! 
Yay! finally here!

 The clothing becomes progressively wetter.
Sandplay took place
Big brother protecting the art from the waves.

Nothing like wind, waves and rocks!

View from the hotel room
Day and night
Fortifications for the coast
Much fun was had by all.
Bushy was dressed for the part.

The sun did put in an appearance on the second day
...along with some dandelion parachutes.
There was even a hardy wedding party taking photos.

And suddenly a parachute
 was landing beside us!

Much love,
Jazzy Jack