"Too Costumey?" No such thing!

I'm aware this sentiment may be controversial, because there are those that are adamant that wearing a "costume" in every day situations is anathema to them. I myself have never really understood this, maybe because I don't feel tied to the normal social strictures.

As a person who enjoys being on the stage in a costume and exploring another persona, I feel costumes can bring benefits. If you are wanting to dress more dramatically, or keen to try a different style, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.
If you head to your most approximate costume...for example, Twenties flapper dresses, you can try the style without having to think too much about it, and by trying you can work out which parts to keep and which to discard. 

I feel strongly that we don't allow ourselves and each other to play with our adornment. There are so many fashion police ready to crucify someone for putting a foot to the left or right of their own standards. And that is all they are, standards they have set up by themselves, and should be for themselves as well. But somehow we feel OK to extrapolate our taste on to others.

I could cry when I see people being stifled by society's norms. Being a gender warrior I have had more to do with this than most, meeting those trans* folks who all their life have felt too scared to dress the way they feel inside. Can you imagine? It's just cloth! No one will be murdered by someone removing some fabric from between their legs aka wear a skirt.

Isn't it fantastic when you see someone feeling themselves in their clothing and in their skin? Don't you want that for everyone, including yourself? Maybe if we stopped judging others we might also loosen our own stringently held beliefs, to allow a small play time here and there.

The only time I feel someone might be costumey is when they are wearing an outfit that is overwhelming their personality. The clothes are wearing them rather than vice versa.
Of course this will happen at first when trying a new look, but then we should listen to our instinct...not our judgemental voice...and refine until it feels right for us! Until we feel free and funky and just right. Until we finally feel we are letting our souls express on the outside of our body.
Naturally there are certain looks that are more elegant than others, and looks that are inherently more boisterous. These will suit different personalities, and some people will swap from one day to the next.

As long as we are all having fun being creative, expressing our true selves and letting each other be...I see "being costumey" can be the gateway to a new sartorial world.

'Til next time,
keep on creating
and showing your real beauty to the world.

Jazzy Jack

The next exciting episode!

Hello my beautiful friends. I write this as I embark on another episode in my life.
I have been told I have to come off my medication which helps with my sensory overload, because I had an unusual ECG. It means either the medication is mimicking the effects of a heart attack, or I've really had a heart attack!
Either way I need to reassess during these next six weeks as I live through the withdrawal symptoms, and as I find what is possible during my post medication life.

I have had periods of coping reasonably well off medication but this time I'm not given a choice. I feel my pain, tension, foggy head and allergies all returning after one day's reduction. Fortunately this time I have access to a great yoga teacher online, through a resource I found on Judith Style Crone's website. Sixtyandme have partnered with Cat Kabira from Bali who runs gentle online yoga classes. These have really helped me, and are the first I could manage, after trying many over the years.

So I may find I need to make changes with my blog, either reducing the frequency of interaction, or changing the content. Or things could remain the same. I don't really know at this stage. But I hope you will stick with me and be patient as I navigate this new landscape.

I'm looking at this as an opportunity for learning about my body, about new ways of being, and about being held in the small moments of time. It may be that the grand dramatic vision I have for myself has to take a back step for a while, or be realised in the sum of tiny steps I will be learning how to take.

What I find hardest is saying NO to opportunities and people asking for help, and learning how to balance my energies in an elegant way.

I leave you with this lovely statement my friend said to me when she heard the news:

You have within you the ability to cope - you have and you do and you can. You have a good awareness and its about cuing in early to those warning signs. That's why we were given breath - take a few minutes to breath and reconnect with yourself and your centre of peace. The universe is providing an opportunity to explore you without medication. Being human is about making mistakes rather than perfection - take the time to treat yourself gently, ease off and nurture your beautiful being.

I hope you will join me in this new direction of nurturing and reconnection.

Let's explore
'Til next time,
keep on creating and showing your beauty to the world,
Jazzy Jack

DIY sundress to kimono

Once upon a time there was a person who had no life. So they decided to change a perfectly good but styleless sundress into something else!
As I attacked it with scissors, the idea came to me to cut just below the armholes and cut it square, with the bodice cut in two becoming the sleeves. They were even hemmed!
So here it is lying on the floor before being sewn.
The shoulder ties were attached to the waist and tied at the back, or even wrapped and tied at the front (see photo near bottom of post)I added a buttonhole under one arm to allow the tie to come through. I left the front neck square, so I could pin it up with a brooch or fold it down diagonally for a V-neck.
Here I have styled it with a black belt, thrifted jeans and thrifted black boots.
(Love these boots - see Colourful Crime Spree)
It also can be worn open over shorts, although the ties are pretty long and get in the way, so I crocheted them with my fingers to shorten them (does that make sense?)
I  also wanted to show you my very favouritest thrifted booties. Over $300 new, and I found them for $7! Leather lined and all. I do have to learn to walk in them, as these are high heels for me!!!
(Sorry about blinding you with my white skin. You would never know I'd just come through Summer :)
My jewellery is mostly thrifted although I seem to have cut off the bracelet. My other favourite find has been this greenstone (jade) ring.
Reminds me of NZ where it would be rather more than I paid at $2.50!
So here we are again, before and after. I think it will be more useful now, and I do love the colour!
What do you think? Is it an improvement or just a difference?
'Til next time, keep on creating and showing your wonderfulness to the world!
Jazzy Jack
By the way I've been trying out Disqus because I want to be able to comment directly to you. I am enjoying it. But some have said they've had problems getting on. If you're having problems commenting please email me at naturalmedley43@gmail.com and let me know! Thanks.

Blogging poem

she lies in bed
waiting for sleep
her ipad
charging in it's socket
behind her
the next morning
she wakes to find
100 percent charge
and two comments
from bloggers overseas
who have read
her words overnight
and sent some flying back
in response
she sits 
at the breakfast table
feeling them
charging her up
100 percent

©  JJ 08/03/2015.

'Til next time,
keep on creating
and showing your unique selves to the world!
Jazzy Jack

Mad Hatter

In order to show off my latest creation on Style Crone's Hat Attack, I've composed this post :-D

Hetty the Hatter
made hats when it mattered.
When the cold winter winds bit,
Hetty would sit and knit.
Needles and wool would fly
She nearly put out an eye!
But Hetty nevertheless
made hats worthy of the best.

Here Hetty is modelling her chocolate brown merino creation, which with versatility can be worn against the head, or with the more slouch hat look.

This green creation is reminiscent of moss. For this one Hetty pulled out her crochet hooks. Made with mohair, merino and alpaca wool, the crown has a spiral form. Very warm.

Next Hetty is wearing her variegated green and brown slouch hat which can also be converted to a cowl. She loves to make works which can be experienced many ways. This piece has been created out of alpaca with its soft fall, and knitted squares adding texture.

Finally we see Hetty in a new style for her. A whole new look using bulky wool and sky blue colourway. The design of this hat is a conical shape finishing in a point, referencing acorns and seedpods.

I feel Hetty may need a short break from working, it seems to have affected her slightly, as we witness her wearing all her creations at once proving her balancing ability, and finally juggling them!

Well, she was always one for innovation. Not only hats, but circus toys as well!

So ladies and gentlemen, please remember Hetty the Hatter as you choose your hats. May she inspire you to experience hats a little differently this season!

'Til next time, keep creating
and showing your individual selves to the world!
Jazzy Jack

PS A sneak peek at Hetty's work in progress...baby alpaca and silk...mmm love the colour...and sooo soft!

PPS Don't forget to visit the linkup. Judith is looking particularly snazzy in multi-coloured velvet...mmm...mmm!

BeautyScope 205: The red centre

getting to the heart of it
crimson heart
let's have a heart to heart