BeautyScope 232: Palm reading


Have you ever had your palm read?

a staircase
to walk up
a palm's timeline



Heartwoods rewound

Last time we were at Heartwoods I took some shots and never shared them, so here we are!

The dam with no water except dried up mud...its most common leaks!

The wombat home between two old bathtubs. If you look carefully you can see fresh cube shaped dung in front of the space.

The little tiny honey eaters love to swim in those same bath tubs, so we can't move them or clean them. This is the pool in the moss they love. Look carefully and you can see one in the centre of the left photo.

Birds above, wombats below!

This little fella you've seen before in my BeautyScope 227: Frog exposure
My niece says he looks dipped in silver, which I think is apt and beautiful!

Here are some more head torch photography experiments. I love how it isolates. You notice things you wouldn't in the day.

And just as a bonus because you made it this far, here is a photo of my reality. Sitting at the keyboard, in a renovated jumper, a gifted silk scarf and a handknit poncho, with my hat on my head from when I was digging in the garden, because I forgot I still had it on until I saw this shot! Hee!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 231: Kanga territory

I love the wild mysterious forested feeling in this photo.

This is the edge of the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, where the kangaroos come down from Black Mountain to feed on the grasses.

I wish I looked as graceful when jumping! Don't you?

freely crossing

from wild to planted

and back again


BeautyScope 230: Whirling dervish

Mr Actor chose this shot for today, and told me what it looked like to him. That or a skateboard ramp or a frisbee.

What do you see?

whirling circular saw

cutting through




BeautyScope 228: Kangaroo courage

I've heard of burying your head in the sand...!

You frequently see kangaroos with long legs sticking out of their pouches.

A cosy hideaway that transports you to places...why leave?

help Mum

it's the people

let me back in!


BeautyScope 227: Frog exposure

The bath tub next to this car Speedy at our property Heartwoods, was teeming with tadpoles.
I think I know where they go, or where they come from!
Don't you love frogs? Interesting colour. Designed for underground?

hello sweet frog

living in the door jamb

our worlds abut, suddenly





BeautyScope 226: Spotlighting

Last time at Heartwoods I discovered head torches make interesting spot lighting for photos. Here is an experiment. Have you ever tried it?

spotlit dewdrops

head torch discovery

stars having a rest



Destressing and refocussing

In my search for a more relaxed state, I have been exploring various options.

The first was the book by Marie Kondo called :

In this book she sets out a new way not only of tidying, but of a new relationship to have with your "stuff".

Basically it boils down to "does this spark joy?" If it doesn't give you a thrill or a lift, then thank it for its role in your life until now, and let it go. Don't hold onto things because you feel obliged or a sense of Wedding gifts. I've found this philosophy has also helped in deciding which items to buy and bring into your space.

I have always been rather ruthless about discarding my clothes and my belongings...growing up overseas and travelling ingrained that in me. But I found I was able to let go of even more since I started implementing this method.

I haven't finished the house yet, and other people's things can be a difficulty, but the process is starting.

Another book that has helped me is:

This is a tiny book that packs a punch. Talking about how to create a quiet space in your life to think of higher things. How to create space to appreciate what you have. How to appreciate the fine things in life like food, dining together, taking time to enjoy your daily activities.

This book has inspired me to rethink my daily tasks. Now, I light a candle when cooking to encourage me to think of serving my family, rather than being rushed and cranky about cooking as usual. I also light the candle when making lunches, and doing dishes to encourage positive thinking around these activities.

The third book that found its way into my life is Breatheology the art of conscious breathing.

Stig Severenson is the Guiness Book Record Holder for breath holding. Up to 22 minutes!
He has a lot to say about how we breathe can affect our health, our mental state, our emotions. He also comes at this from a yoga stand point which is very interesting, and also a medical/scientific standpoint.
Being a singer, I'm always interested in breathing...also being alive keeps me interested in breathing ;-)
I'm currently signed up to the Breatheology academy and working through the exercises. I have become aware how much of my body tension is caused by my busy mind.

I first heard about Stig through another website: The singing zone
Per Bristow introduced us to Stig and had three videos(since taken down) where they chatted about breathing and life. I am also working through the Singing Zone's members' area, learning about how to make a more relaxed sound. Hoping this will give me some more insights into teaching those with voice issues.

All these books and methods have one thing in common...they all address the mindset or spirituality of the situation. They talk about your motivation and what is behind the state you've got yourself into.

By studying these different works and sites, I'm hoping to observe and change my mind set from the points of view of my house, my mind, my body and my voice.

This is where you come in. I am also changing my blogging, and so for the moment, in order to clear my mind of extraneous noise, I will be restricting my blogging to my BeautyScopes.

'Til next time, keep creating your own beauty!


Jazzy Jack











Scarf roundup 3 and needle felted hat

Here is my latest scarf roundup! We are up to day 30!

Pseudo PJ day, with fluffy snuggles.

Dressed up on top and down on bottom.

Daffodil in "hair" for Northern Hemisphere spring.

Newly knitted necklace.

Love this vest, and my inside shoes.

A change of pace.

Oranges to warm me.

Day of the dead leggings with new neon sneakers.

A formal look...see I can do them.

What to do with a sarong in Winter.

I took my leggings to my son's circus performance!

And here is some random needle felting I did on my beret when I was bored. Like it?

'Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack


BeautyScope 225: Petrified bubble

hey little bubble

don't be scared

it's lovely out here

in the open air

Ever felt so scared you couldn't move?


BeautyScope 224: Petal power

petunia petals

lepidopteral siren song

enter my darkness


Are you tempted?

Scarf roundup 2 and another gift!

Hi there awesome ones!

Here is another scarf roundup from the last few days. (I am doing a scarf challenge with the scarves that Mascha from Maschas Buch generously sent me. A new outfit a day, inspired by a new scarf a day)

Shoes, pants, vest - thrifted, cardigan - old retail

Shoes, pants, vest - thrifted, cardigan - old retail

Cardigan, shirt, pants - thrifted. Tie - gift...see below!

Jacket, top, dress - thrifted, leggings - Black Milk retail, boots - old retail

Jacket, jeans, belt - thrifted, shirt - generous gift...see below.

Jacket - Kathmandu retail, pants - thrifted.

Jacket, skirt - thrifted, boots - old retail

Jacket, shirt - thrifted, pants- old retail, uggs- new!

Jacket, skirt - thrifted, vest -old retail, boots -new, ebay

Vest, skirt - thrifted, shirt, boots - old retail

This lovely shirt is a new gift from generous Joni of An Artful Closet. It just happened to perfectly match the next scarf in line!

Nestled in the parcel was this lovely surprise bolo tie, which went beautifully with that day's outfit!

Thanks Joni. You rock!

So there you have my fashion adventures for the last few days.

On another note, I promised to update you on my health woes. I have been back to the GP who has given me a provisional all clear! With a confirmation ECG in two months. It may have all been an artifact of the medication. So looking positive!

Of course that means I'm without the medication which I need for sensory overload, so I am exploring ways of dealing with that, which I'll outline in another post. But the fact that I also had toxic levels of B12 which has since been eliminated and reduced may have gone a long way to explaining my sudden overload explosion. (My soy milk was fortified with B12 and unusually I am a person who retains B12 in my system. This can cause heart problems and probably also increased my systemic jitters, but wouldn't have caused my other heart problems)

So the complex picture is slowly being unravelled. I'm grateful for my long suffering family, and my wonderful GP!

Thanks for all your support as well. It's so nice to have such lovely friends.

Keep on creating and being fabulous!

All my love,

Jazzy Jack

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