Poem - Aussie Landscape

A change of pace.
Here is a poem I wrote when we returned to Australia after living in New Zealand. 
I saw the Australian landscape with new eyes.

brown rusty paddocks
lines of red steel 
contour the ground

gold dusty stubble
trees latch onto 
the old dry land

cows graze on rubble
a jagged river 
hacks time into the earth.

(C) JJ 16/11/2009

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. wonderful!
    you write such beautiful poems. i can feel australia landscape literally!
    hug you!

  2. Beautiful, vivid, emotional imagery!

  3. I love the trees being "latched" to the earth! Can almost imagine some of them floating off into the sky if the latch were released ...maybe many of them already have and that is why paddocks often only have 1 or 2 left!

  4. Yes we love latched trees and Cris' imaginings and the hacked time into the earth . ....in fact the whole poem helping us all to see the landscape in a natural medley. D&M xxxx

  5. Lovely! I can almost picture the scenery ^_^


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