Heartwoods rewound

Last time we were at Heartwoods I took some shots and never shared them, so here we are!

The dam with no water except dried up mud...its most common state...it leaks!

The wombat home between two old bathtubs. If you look carefully you can see fresh cube shaped dung in front of the space.

The little tiny honey eaters love to swim in those same bath tubs, so we can't move them or clean them. This is the pool in the moss they love. Look carefully and you can see one in the centre of the left photo.

Birds above, wombats below!

This little fella you've seen before in my BeautyScope 227: Frog exposure
My niece says he looks dipped in silver, which I think is apt and beautiful!

Here are some more head torch photography experiments. I love how it isolates. You notice things you wouldn't in the day.

And just as a bonus because you made it this far, here is a photo of my reality. Sitting at the keyboard, in a renovated jumper, a gifted silk scarf and a handknit poncho, with my hat on my head from when I was digging in the garden, because I forgot I still had it on until I saw this shot! Hee!

Much love,

Jazzy Jack



  1. Ha, hat on is ok. One time when I was at dentist and she was done with me, I left her room and went to the restroom. And only there looking in the mirror I noticed that I still had those goggles they give you there on. Good I didn't go outside like that :) You look an adventurer in this hat!

  2. I had to look up on google what a wombat looks like. I wasn't sure and not sure I'm seeing it in the photo. That's so sweet of you to not move or clean out the tubs. They'd lose their little habitat. We had 4 full sized racoons living in our porch ceiling. They sure looked cute all nestled together as their eyes glowed from the attic bedroom...but they just had to go!

  3. Hahahaha, last photo though, you are in some deep thought process there! Adorable! And yeah, I frequently forget where my glasses are, until I check my head!
    And oh wow, night shots look like scenes from Silent Hill, creepy!

  4. :-D I'm sure you would make them a new fashion statement!

  5. Oh, you can't see the wombat. In fact we have wombat holes all over Heartwoods, with fresh dung but we've never seen any. Grr! We've heard them at night. They are nocturnal.
    Since we are only at Heartwoods every now and then, and the bath tubs are away from our living space we can be generous. Not sure we'd be so kind to your racoons. The porch ceiling is a leeetle close:-D

  6. Yeah, wanna come and stay?
    There is dark forest all around with who knows what in it. Totally creepy to visit the loo at night! The left bottom shot is the view from the toilet, and the right top one are the steps on the path to the toilet.
    By the way, when I went to take the last photo I realised my chin was all red because that is how I'd been sitting to write my post. So I went with an artistic "Thinker" shot to cover it up! Clever eh?!

  7. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen30 June 2015 at 01:46

    love the impressions from your little forest! we too use to think about the critters who live in/around our house before we renovate/build something. at the moment i share the herb drying attic with a huge wasp nest - i just keep some distance while sorting thru the crop....
    this pic could be me - hihi! :-)))


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