PNG Headdresses

We have started homeschooling officially for the year! Sooo we went to the pool...because we can.

Not sure how much blogging I will be doing, and certainly will struggle to comment, so apologies in advance. But I'm keeping up with my reading and keeping an eye on all your doings :-)

I noticed Hat Attack is on again over at Judith The Style Crone. So I thought I'd share some amazing headdresses from PNG.

Reading the Bible - is that grass plant on his head?

Note the pan flute and the kina shell necklaces. Their money is now called kina (dollars) and toea (cents).

Don't forget to pop on over to The Style Crone to see the other hatted beauties. Judith is in a particularly fetching leopard print hat and gaunlets.

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. Good luck with the new term! What a cool choice of headdress to exhibit! I love a currency being based on shells, that is cool to the extreme. Mmmm, going to the pool sounds wonderful!!x

  2. Hey. We totally understand. The fam comes first. Always. Happy teaching and learning.

  3. Always great to see these wonderful treasured creations all worn with pride! Happy home schooling to your household!! D&M xxxx

  4. i think its better to know how to live then to learn some abstrakt formulas. for my parents it was all about the cencures we got in school - i have not learned about life as a child - i had to do this as a grown up by myself and it was much harder and less successful. but your boys have much much wiser parents!
    wonderful headdresses - 3 mountaineer friends of mine traveled on feet with backpacks in the dani territory in the late 90s - they wanted to climb the carstensz pyramid like heinrich harrer. but the mining company was not amused. my friends slept in dani houses, did eat and sing with them - and will always remember this awesome experience!
    much love! xxxxxx

  5. Have fun with the homeschooling! ;) Love these photos. The headdressess are so beautiful.

  6. Wonderful headdresses! Hope it all goes well! xxx

  7. The headdresses are spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack! Best wishes for a great school year.

  8. Hello Jazzy,
    I have a cousin who is buried in PNG. He was a missionary and then got into government work as a local judge. Would love to go there sometime to see the monument they put up for him (and to see those wonderful headdresses!) Best of luck homeschooling--so impressed with your commitment and energy.

  9. What photos!

    No worries...hope it all goes well. Going to the pool is already a good start : )


  10. You made me laugh! Those are wonderful hats - why don't we all wear something like that on daily basis? :) Thanks for sharing, JJ!

    I think you are very courageous, and I absolutely agree with Beate. Perhaps I as a highly sensitive and creative child was meant to be homeschooled, but it was not common at all back then. I was considering homeschooling for our daughter, but she is very social and loves her friends, and while she is not crazy about her middle school, she was for many years very happy in elementary one and is now really looking forward to a high school - she found a school of her dreams. I think homeschooling will work well for your family, I really think so! Much love and hugs, and best of luck!

  11. I can never let The Young Prince know about your Home Schooling Methods... he'd insist I Home School him and have a Pool put in! *winks* I'm still on the fence about whether to even attempt it since I can barely help the 4th Grader with her Special Ed Homework! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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