Computers, planes and thanks!

First and foremost
I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support during our recent gruelling time...see previous post.
Our biggest takeaway has been how many lovely friends we have. So many supportive comments and actions were performed around this moment. Far outweighing the couple of idiots who live in fear.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!

This week we rebuild a computer courtesy of a friend's massive skillz!

We also visit the Australian War Memorial for a talk about musical instruments from WW1,

where we visit our favourite exhibit...the planes!

(Here are some photos Aiden took there.)

And finally Miles attempts to teach me to fly on IL2 Battle of Stalingrad...without success!
Please join us once again in our unschooling adventure.

Til next time, keep on creating!
Jazzy Jack and The Bracks


  1. Well what a rich adventure! Building computer YAY!!! Great job Aiden & Jen...Love the photos too so graphic and the poppies and sunset are so beautiful. Music and instruments and then planes and a flight as a student pilot with a good instructor who takes the plane off . Well done Miles. Thanks for giving us the visit Jack.

  2. Thinking of you and your situation. Best of luck.

  3. How wonderful to see you and your beautiful children! I was thinking of you, so glad you posted.
    I also make videos to share with my family and friends back in Russia - which are also great for our memories. It's a fun creative process to create little films! I love your music accompaniment, you are so musical!

  4. Building a computer. Oh my. I AM impressed. Little fingers. How nice. Perhaps we could train him to be a dentist. Your family is soooooo adorable.

  5. Wow, building a computer is really cool! Oooooh, the Instrument talk sounds great! I'd like to hear that!x

  6. Software development today


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