BeautyScope 320: Summer baking

Summer is beating down
heavy and dry
burning us white hot


  1. I'll book Mark to look again in 6 months.Summer is a distant memory right now.

  2. The opposite seasons on different parts of the globe always surprise me. We're heading into deepest Winter right now.

  3. What a dream!
    Merry Christmas from the frosty side of the world :-)

  4. I read the title before seeing the image and immediately thought you were baking for Christmas! Ah, the smell of cinnemon and spices and a warm oven - something to be appreciated on both hemispheres!

    Now that I see the image too, I am imagining sitting in the shade looking out over such a view while supping a cup of tea and eating the above mentionec bakery! Thanks for this little break :-)

  5. It certainly catches the feeling of that heat with it's bleached fine "hair' . It reminds me of bleached haired swimmers at the beach I saw as a child when the sand was so hot.(D)&M xxxx


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