Spring photo and Mossy Point video

Greetings faithful readers!

I have a new video for you.  A couple of years ago we visited Mossy Point and I made Mossy Point Part 1. And I never produced Pt 2. This niggled away at me because I do like to finish things. So a couple of months ago we revisited and shot this second video as an update.

Here is a link to the other video if you are interested.

It is Spring, and Miles has been experimenting with some old lenses we converted to our new DSLR with a converter ring.
Doesn't this just scream SPRING IS HERE!!?

collecting gold
from a perfumed treasure chest
my work is beauty

Okey doke, my work is done.
I will see you again soon.

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack


  1. What a fantastic photo!


  2. that bee on the hyacinthe! magic! <3 xxxx

  3. Gorgeous photo...a grape hyacinth and a bee at work! Keep experimenting with your lens Miles! D&M xxxx

  4. Oh my goodness, the detail of that photo is utterly breathtaking!!!

  5. That Photo! You Rock at Photography my Friend!


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