Heartwoods living

Hello my wonderful friends!
I thought you might like to see how we survive
out in the wilds of our bush block "Heartwoods".

Here is our daggy shed complete with magical pot belly stove.

Winter is sitting in front of the hard working solar fridge...sooo much better than melting iceblocks!
We collect water in a tank which you can see
in the top left of this photo (NOT the bath tubs!)
We sieve the water due to a wriggler (baby mosquito) problem.
Then we filter it in this ceramic filter system...wonderful! The sink is a work cast off. Old lab sink. One day we will pipe water in from the tank!!
Cooking takes place on a gas burner and the pot belly
when it isn't taking place under the stars.
Our washing up system
The glamorous dunny/loo/outhouse!
Where Mr Artist sleeps, safely in a tent as befits an independent teen.
The reason we put up with it all! Our view.

Would you join us if you could? Do you like roughing it?

I hate roughing it but I love the peace of the bush, and it sure makes you appreciate your city house afterwards!

'Till next time, keep on creating,


Jazzy Jack



  1. How rustic! I like roughing it and camping.

  2. Sometimes I like roughing it, sometimes I don't. Though last year's camping in negative temperatures was enough winter camping for me to last quite a while!!

    1. Hello! Welcome! Yes, we are not there right now for that reason! :-)

  3. It still looks a wonderful place. The fires look welcoming in the cold weather. The blue check shirt is a great contrast to the fire colour. Mr Artist has a pea pod tent. Is he snug as a pea in a pod?Winter owns the place by the look of her! Thanks for the visit again. D&M xxxx

  4. I'm no good at roughing it … I might be ok until I need to use the loo and then I'd take one look at the outside dunny and you wouldn't see me for dust ;0)

  5. definitely would joining you! on our tours with the "faltboot" or in the mountains we usually don´t even have a loo. or a water filter. and can carry only very few stuff. and i love it!!!! hubby needed some time to get used to ;-) i could live in a tent forever. i´m the queen of cooking yummy and healthy meals in one little pot on a campfire or ultralight gas stove. the only problem is to arrive in the "civilization" - slightly looking like crazy - unwashed, tangled hair and dirty clothes....
    but i love to soak in a hot tub after coming home too :-)

  6. At this point in my life I am not a roughing it sort of person. Not unless I have someone else to attend to all the difficult stuff in case I wake up that day unable to. I've done lots of car camping in my life but always was with my ex and didn't have to rely on just myself.
    Your little spot in the trees is very pretty and looks so peaceful. What are the bathtubs used for? xoxo

    1. We think the previous owners were plumbers. Bath tubs galore. These are inhabited by wombats below and birds above. See this post http://naturalmedley.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/heartwoods-rewound.html

  7. Is it your own land, or...? Anyway, the view is wonderful, and the peace and quiet is priceless! And yes, coming back to the civilization will be awesome! Will we see you guys here on the blog? :) Sending you tons of love and hugses! xxxx

  8. Yes! Our land! Wonderful to have a continuous base that we can pass on to the kids and develop stories over the years. We own 80 acres of forest on a mountainside. Can't build on it, so it is a camping spot.
    If you click on the Heartwoods tab above you will see more posts with us in it! Tons of love and hugses back. Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Rustic perfection in my book! I'd be over like a shot if you weren't the other side of the world. Your wood burner makes me weak at the knees. xxx

  10. Wow. I love how you're roughing it.... but I'm not sure if I could. :) But hopefully this summer we'll try to go camping.... so we'll see!

  11. Wow! The view is wonderful and I can imagine the atmosphere there in the bush...So, I can understand why you bear all those inconveniences. I guess I would agree to this too but not for a long time, I really like comfort too much :)

  12. I'm a bit of a lightweight when it comes to roughing it, but I can see the attractions when you look at the views! xxx

  13. What a great wildlife!
    I've always dreamed to have a shack in the forest...


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