In praise of quiet voices and a poem

Greetings my lovely readers and friends!
Do you like my elegant Winter outfit taken in front of my son's nonelegant bedroom?!
A good foil for my look!

Jacket, skirt, gloves - thrifted, scarf old, boots new - ebay

I wonder why it is that life is like blogging? I find myself hanging back in places where there are a lot of commenters, just like in life because I don't do well in crowds. I feel I have nothing original to add and they won't notice me in amongst hundreds of other voices. And I do like to be noticed if I'm honest! Also I prefer a personal relationship where they respond.

So I am attracted to the smaller less recognised more personal blogs. Often the big blogs are just better at publicity rather than content anyway!

I also have a lemming resistant gene, so if something seems popular I instinctively run in the other direction. I am compulsively original! Almost pathologically so! This isn't always healthy and I do miss out at times.

I like to create and follow original ideas. It gives me such a buzz. Like exploration when travelling...seeing what lies beyond the bend. There is a freshness with a newly minted idea. A whiff of composted earth. An excitement embodied within.

Rereading this I see I am equating small with original which is interesting. Of course large successful blogs can contain originality! Maybe what I mean is I prefer newly discovered to established. I like the trembling fiddle head of the fern frond emerging. However I adore rocks and trees. Hmmm.

It could be the noisy environments I eschew. Rocks and trees have a calm presence in spite of their size. In fact there is a special magnificence embodied in a quiet giant, like a large choir singing softly. Are there any quiet giant blogs?

I think sometimes we quieter people feel we shouldn't speak up because we have nothing to say. I say, rubbish! The soft voice is often a well thought through voice that is worth taking the time to listen to.

So I want to encourage all you softer voices...keep gently making your presence known!

I will continue to put out my original work, trying to create something of lasting beauty for the world. My blog keeps me connected with others, and gives me a reason to create. It is a record of our lives for the future and an archive of my work for my kids if noone else :-D

I like to think it embodies all I admire, being quietly original and personal, full of newborn beauty and quirky fun. I hope you do too!

See the face?

My morning musings

breakfast at 9am

in the sun

on a busy working day

traffic whirring past

as I dig into my toast

and the contrast serves

to magnify the cosiness

makes the tea taste better

tiny milk bottle

refractions on the table

sitting in the corner

of Cornerstone Cafe


in the sun


I hope you enjoyed my lying-in-bed-on-Saturday-morning thoughts!

Til next time, keep on creating and showing your beauty to the world.


Jazzy Jack









  1. Loved hearing these thoughts JJ! I agree with you. Sometimes big blogs (and actually super popular any things) overwhelm me too.

  2. Love this post! I enjoyed reading your reflections and essentially agree with or am similar to you. I like making a connection with other bloggers, reading and responding to comments, and it stresses me when I cannot get around to all the blogs I want to and leave comments, or when I cannot reply to the comments on mine. I don't follow any big bloggers because I like originality, personality and not a brand.

    I love your breakfast musings and your winter elegance. A three word ipression?

    Love you much! xoxo

  3. Bigger aren't better!
    Well, sometimes they might be ...after all, I am big :-)

  4. I am impressed with your honesty ! And we love you as you are .I totally agree about the crowds maybe it is a gene thing . Your ensemble looks really smart . This is D speaking .oooo
    Love your metaphors and musings and pictures and the wonder you bring to the world opening many eyes to SEE what they haven't noticed before! M xxxx D&M xxxx

  5. Oh yeah, I've enjoyed your post on my sunday morning...
    What a funny grumpy cat in the second picture!
    Big blogs? We by ourselves make our blogs big (or not), who else can that do? ;-)
    Any blogs, what I like to visit, have 85 or more comments to every post... and I ask me: can one person give so many back-comments? - What a stress! - - -
    Have a great and quiet weekend

  6. i have this anti-lemming-gene too! :-)
    but i would never be able to put it in such wonderful words like you my dear!
    sometimes i read this big blogs - but i do not comment for the same reason as you. would they ever notice? the only ones with a bigger follower crowd who DO care are curtise and vix so far as i know! and i´m known for delaying "nice blog - visit mine"-comments on my own blog. content ladies - content!!! :-)
    and thats why i´m here! origin content - something to chew on - authenticity! personality!
    gorgeous winter look! the color of the boots is fab - and it mixes up the tweedy furry outfit perfectly with the help of scarf and gloves..... and a cosy poem - wish i would sit there with you - in the sun, having coffee and croissants :-)))
    hugs!!! xxxxxx

  7. I love this post and I love YOU! :) You are so wonderful! Only a fool or a sleepy one wouldn't notice how wonderful you are! Please continue. You are the sun! xxxxxxx

    ps I answered your question in the post about Rise and Write, but in two words - no worries, if you even don't have enough time to complete a sketch or two in 7 days, then just link it to the next link up, which will follow on August 8th, if we decide to stick with it! Much love xxxx

  8. oh yes, I think we're into a small blogs lovers community (such a paradox!). I'm not good at groups, I prefer to deal with individuals, masses make me feel uncomfortable.
    I enjoy genuine voices and styles, self-expression, real life in all its splendor!, those are good reasons to enjoy your blog!
    I like your style and your little poems too!
    besos & sol

  9. Tres elegant, I must say. I don't really know who's small or who's not. I just like what I like. How's that for not really saying anything?! And I do like the grumpy cat face.

  10. Hi Jack, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Glad to hear you also live in Australia too. I have friends and relatives in Canberra and Goulbourn, whom I have visited before. This post is so true and genuine. I also love the smaller blogs as I think I make a connection with the writers, however, writers of some large blogs have such a sweet personality in the way they write, one can't help but join in on the noise too, in as much as I fully understand that I might not be heard. Hope you have a great week. xo


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