New Year's family break

Greetings my lovelies.
Welcome to 2017!

I have a photo heavy post for you with a sum up of our holiday break in pictures.
Firstly we have the family portrait...
notice I made them wait for a photo shoot before eating!

And here is the more relaxed shot showing our presents in the poppers.
We are playing word games. A lot of fun!

So Christmas dinner was cooked by Cris on the barbecue and oven,
while I swanned around looking glamorous.  So what else is new?!

 Cutie patootie!

 My Christmas outfit is shiny! All bought secondhand and worn with a gifted necklace.
I enjoyed exploring new colours. I think they look OK. Shock horror!

During our break the kids enjoyed more time with Dad.
Here they are teaching Dad to fly a plane.
He did better than I did...he got off the ground!

 They also enjoyed freaking out Mum with a cicada shell!

A fun family time was had at Miles' home away from home...the Australian War Memorial.
Doesn't this plane have such a cute face, albeit worried or disapproving...?

 Aiden takes some time out while waiting for Miles and Cris, to do some cartooning.

 The mischievous trio.

 The view from the front steps of the War Memorial, looking down Anzac Parade with all it's smaller memorial statues to Parliament House in the distance, across the lake.

And we all made it to the traditional fireworks for New Year's Eve.We've been a few years in a row to a far away vantage point that doesn't involve too many people.
We had fun with slow photography and sparklers.
(In the first photo we captured the little girl's efforts in the next family as well)

 Can you see "Boi"?

 And "Hi"?

So we had a fun family break, staying at home for a while.
It's been such a travelling year we enjoyed the change.

Gratuitous sunset photo from our back deck.

Please enjoy our latest video with bits and pieces from Leeway - our coast cabin.
Including an echidna, pelicans, pool acrobatics and my singing!

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Lots of love,
From Jazzy Jack and The Bracks


  1. Happy New Year to you and the family! Lovely photos, you look stunning in your Xmas day outfit.
    We saw a wonderful film over the festive season that reminded me of your homeschooling adventures. xxx

  2. Hey Jack!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your photos/ lovely to hear your voice!! I just love your zest for beautiful...much love and all the best for 2017 xoxo

  3. Lovely family photos! Really cute boys you have ( all three of them). Happy New Year and all the best in 2017

  4. What a treat to share your celebrations, your able chef's preparations,game and your lovely outfit and to see the growing handsome young men. Your photos and video of your fun times together with you and the cute echidna
    is a delight coloured by your singing. Thank you. You all enrich the world!! D&M xxxxoooo

  5. Happy New Year, and many more of them! I loved looking at the photos and I think your Christmas outfit is very pretty. The video gives such a good glimpse into your lovely cottage world. I cannot find the words to describe my emotional response to these glimpses into this rich world you have but I thank you for sharing it. xo

  6. wow - you have a stunning voice!
    supercute video full of lovely creatures :-)
    love your flapper-licious festive dress <3 and the pics of all the fine boys! and do you know what? you taught me a lot about how to do things in my own way - even if my way is far away from usual paths..... one first and very fab outcome was our winter-festivities this season - i was much more happier with it then the last few years!!!!!
    thank you very much love!!!
    huge hugs! xxxxxx

  7. Notice the "good" china being used in the first photograph? I do want to point out that its use was NOT just because all the day-to-day china was dirty ;-)

  8. Christmas and the holidays looked like lots of fun, and the food looks delicious Such pretty pictures! I was never able to get the hang of flying very well either. The echidna is so cute and clever to duck it's head like that! The pool acrobatics were also very impressive, and lots of fun to watch, especially Aiden standing on Miles' shoulders, and the singing was beautiful! - M.Wales

  9. Happy New Year to you, my dear, and your beautiful family! I enjoyed it all - photos and video. I think you have a marvelous talent to create little gems every day of your life, the are all in different genres, sometimes written, other times photos, songs, videos... there is just so much love of life in your creations! Take a good care of yourself, as if you would of a precious instrument. Taking care of ourselves isn't superficial and it isn't about not caring about the world. It is about finding the inner harmony, the creek that runs through your spiritual being - that gives you water, food and clean, crisp air that you need to water, feed and breath life into all your creations, including people. :)

  10. Alas, I'm on a train so I can't listen to the video but I enjoyed sharing in the Brack family Christmas experience! It looks like you had a very fun time. Your Christmas outfit is really pretty-what a delicate top and it looks so nice with those beads.Xx


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