Eye am colourful

Greetings my friends!
I had a few shots of my colour adventures left, so thought I'd share them with the world...as you do.
Above I am in pants made from old sheets dyed with eco dye colours. These are the very comfortablist pants I own. Come on...old sheets!

And now I present to you...da, da, da...my eye!
I took this closeup as best I could without studio conditions to see the colours therein.
I've been reading David Zyla's book about his colour system. All the colours that suit us best are located in our bodies. I really like the idea. Some find it hard to isolate their colours, but I didn't have too much trouble.

Here are my colours represented by the clothes in my wardrobe...colours as close as I could get them.
The peachy colour is my version of white (skin tones), the pink my version of red (blush tones), teal is my dramatic colour (vein colour), burnt orange is my energy colour (darkest colour in eye) , olive green my tranquil colour (lightest colour in eye), dark bluey grey my version of black (ring around iris), dark chocolate my version of brown (darkest colour in hair), and golden brown my version of khaki (lightest colour in hair - not sure if you count grey).

 You should have seen me squinting in the hand mirror in the sun with my faulty eyesight, trying to identify that elusive hair colour! It must have been hilarious!
He also talks about identifying your style. I have become enamoured of the Sensual Backpacker category or Spicy Autumn. It speaks of wearing simple practical stylish shapes in interesting textures referencing the sensuous traveller. Sounds like me right?!

When I dyed these pants I must have spilt juice on them because there was a large dark splat right in the front, so I covered it with an embroidered patch. All adds to the character.
I can't believe I nearly left this shirt in the op shop. It has become a staple this Summer. Great for a little coverup or if I need to look a little more decent than the singlets I hang out in at home...hey, it's hot!
I also love this necklace which combines my first gift from Bushy...a chain, with a polished rock made by my maternal grandfather Poppi.

I leave you with our latest video featuring Aiden on flying fox, and Miles flying solo in the boat...oh and my singing. Bear with the uneven sound quality, we are working on improving it. Slowly learning :-)

Til next time,
keep on creating!

Love JJ and the Bracks


  1. sensual backpacker! totally!
    the color of that blouse is so beautiful! and the cut suits very well! cool with the eco dye pants!
    love the rainbow you made with your clothes!
    and very nice to see the boys having fun in the outdoors!
    hugs! xxxxxx

  2. What pretty colors. A lovely post.

  3. That's an impressive photo of your eye!! I also love Sensual Backpacker. I believe that I wore that style a few years back, as we moved out here and lived on the shore for a few years. You rock this outfit - colors, shapes - very you!!

    Much love!

  4. David Zyla's system is fun and I have played with it too. I love Sensual Backpacker too but it's not a good archetype fit for me even though I love the colours. I can't match archetype to colour in his system because my colours are somewhere between sexy librarian and high stakes gambler. That makes my head spin. Your eyes are gorgeous! It's fun trying to identify the body colours. Mine are definitely more muted than yours and when I discovered that about myself it really made it clear to me why bright colours tend to overwhelm me and some colours that you might not immediately see as bright look bright when I wear them. This outfit is so great on you, the colours and the style seem so right. I could dabble in this style as I'm sort of more librarian in winter and hippie in summer but you rock this style better than I would. In identifying body colours I have ended up with teal greens, teal blues, cream and ivory, warm coral pinks, various browns and russets, burnt peach-orange and golds through to mustard,camel and caramel colours. I do have to admit that these are some of the most flattering colours for me to wear. Zyla focuses mainly on wearing the colours that are in you but I think this can be extended to using them as a guide to see what works with them. So instead of holding up a purple sweater and asking does this look good on me, you might look at that purple sweater in comparison to the set of your body colours established through the Zyla system. Perhaps it's a way to be a bit more objective. Do you think so?

  5. Very, very nice pants and repair. I've never tried dying anything yet. The ensemble looks great on you. And old sheets are the best. I've not read any of the style/color books. I just don't care what experts have to say about what I should or shouldn't be doing. But that's me...


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