Tablecloth Coat Tutorial and some other clothes

Greetings lovely people!

A little while ago I posted this photo and asked if people would like to know how I made the coat.
A few people said yes, so here it is!

My beautifully professional drawings describe the process.
Firstly, take one linen tablecloth from the thrift store. Find some napkins that have lovely embroidered hemming. Dye them to match with this and that.
Then fold the tablecloth with two sides to the centre, and cut some armholes, like so.

Sew two napkins into sleeve shapes, making sure to highlight the beautiful hemming.
Then stitch the top of the tablecloth partway along the shoulders. Attach the sleeves at the previously cut holes.

Fold over the collar and voila, a coat!
Most of the hemming has been done for you. Very quick and easy.
I hope you like it!

I've been into my stash of linen tablecloths lately, and came up with this one yesterday.
Based on a pattern by Tina Givens called "Drennon" which is a free pattern on her website.

I adjusted the pattern by sewing up the sides so it becomes a dress instead of a tunic.
In the heat it is the coolest thing I barely touches me! It has a waist panel and crossover side pieces. It showcases the beautiful fabric so well.

I wore it today with this silk wrap I picked up secondhand the other day for $8!
I can't decide which side is best...this, or this!
I have a feeling the dark side suits me best, which is the underside.

I have another orange outfit to show you from my rather large orange stash, that just keeps growing!

 This dress is lovely and cool, and really suits me I think, but it is polyester, and will cling to my legs. Grrr!

Another orange lover in the family! All the best people.
I happened to have this lovely silk jacket in the cupboard which works well with this.
The necklace is a carving from PNG along with a chain of coconut shell beads. Bought separately but made for each other. I can't believe it's taken me this long to put them together!

My earrings were bought in Arizona. Handmade of semiprecious stones (although precious to me...what sort of word is semiprecious - damned with faint praise!)
Anyway! There is a fine black line carefully inserted between the two colours. Beautiful handwork.

Please forgive me, I am having difficulty blogging at the moment for whatever reason. This will have to be a place holder until I get my act together.
I am busy sewing and knitting and researching my interests, including unschooling and giftedness.
Just busy living at the moment.
Much love to you all.
Til next time,
keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack


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  1. I am Loving the Bohemian Vibe of the Ensembles and how clever to Create your own! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. That's just the kind of pattern I like!, something I could make by myself using my poor sewing skills! I love it! and it's a great idea to make something fabulous with a tablecloth. I like your relaxed 'lagenlook' vibe, and I love your linen dress, it looks really comfortable. And orange looks stunning on you (it looks adorable on your kitty! mwahah)

  3. Dear Jazzy, thank you for linking up with Modish Matrons. Amazing post and I am delighted about this simple pattern of your coat. I wish you a good evening, Tina

  4. there is a lot of real folky stuff going on in this post actually!!
    your coat tutorial is genius, the white dress just beautiful and whats about a thin cool cotton petticoat stitched on the inside of the empire waistband of the fab orange-y dress??? love the shawl - both sides!
    gorgeous PNG carving - looks like a sprit gently watching over you.....

  5. I'm going to feature your brilliant post on our MM FB page! Thank you for joining us - and please do it any time! It's about creativity, fun, friendly support and togetherness more than anything!

    Much love, my dear!

  6. Ah, a pre loved table cloth is the perfect start for any garment in by book! Beautiful!

  7. The table cloth coat and dress are brilliant and look lovely on you! The orange dress is super too- accompanied by a lovely orange fellow!!!xxx


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