Building and testing a raft

Dear friends
Here is a video I put together of our family adventures with Miles' raft building. 
He has had so much fun thinking of new ideas and testing them out. 
This is unschooling at it's finest!
Enjoy a relaxing view.

Til next time,
Keep on creating!

Jazzy Jack 


  1. tom saywer & huckleberry finn! supersweet! xxxxx

  2. It was fun to watch the process of Miles' invention and to see all the assistants to make it happen. Today on our lake, 5 cormorants were on a wooden pontoon which was about the size of your craft. 4 sat on each corner as though they were testing it out! The other took report the results to headquarters!!!??? Well done to your team! Love D&M

  3. With that choice of music for the opening section, it all looked and sounded so serene when they were floating on the raft. I enjoyed the construction too!!

  4. Just thought I'd pop over to say Hi and thank you for your lovely comments!x


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