BeautyScope 448: Miniature sandcastles

piling grain on grain
light on light
a home is formed


  1. Is that in a mangrove? Love how you find the beauty in a place so many think is smelly/ugly :-)

    1. Why yes it is! I love that you recognise that :-)xo

  2. With eyes to we are enriched to see the value of each minute thing in the large scheme of things!! Love D&M

  3. Families are a lot of work! haha Hi Jazzy Jack, long time no see. I'm so happy to rediscover your blog. I love your poetic posts.

  4. Awww, such a tiny sand castle! I LOVE getting up close to the grains! It's amazing how much variety there is when you look carefully!x

  5. i wonder who lives in there.....
    hugs! xxxx


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