BeautyScope 452: Stories on the wind

the car tyres whistling
on the road above
blend seamlessly
into she-oaks calling
stroking and caressing each other
telling their stories on the wind
the wheels yell and race
dashing about
then segue into a plane droning on
down near me the river laughs
and bulrushes snigger
with their rough rustle
then suddenly a warning note
from a bird sweeping by
I went for a walk
met no-one there
but everything spoke to me


  1. Ah - you have brilliantly captured the conversation and humour of the nature (as it “hides” beyond the roads)! Thanks.

  2. Lovely. Going outdoors is natural medicine.

  3. Just fantastic. You need to be publishing a book of your writing and photos. This is one of my favourites.


  4. You were alone on your walk but your words have opened up that world of sound for us to enjoy too. Wonderful!!! Love M&D xxxx

  5. Your poetry is so clever and evocative! I hear that wonderful conversation that nature allowed you to be party to! What would you say back to them!?


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