A fleeting visit

Hello folks!
I wonder if you remember me? 

I just stopped by quickly to let you see a video I made. It once again features the magical Moruya River and my gorgeous family.
We are all well. 
Miles is 17 and now drives. He has officially graduated from homeschooling, although we still go about life the same. He is actively looking for work and handing out resumes. Very interested in some form of mechanical engineering at this stage for a career.

Aiden is 14 and looooves bikes. Motorcycles I should say. He is counting the days until he can get his learners licence. (16 and 9 months)
Every day he has a new bike he would like to buy and the strategy to go about it.
He is now swimming once a week in swimming lessons, takes the dog for regular long walks, rides his ebike around town and is generally a much fitter and much happier human.

I am busy decluttering our house and sorting things through because we are moving soon to our new apartment. We have bought a two bedroom apartment which we have crazily decided to try out for a year. It will be a drastic change and downsize, but we are keen for the challenge. It is in the town centre overlooking a lake, on the twelfth floor. So slightly different to our groundlevel four bedroom two bathroom house in suburbia!
At the same time we have been renovating one of our bathrooms due to a hole which developed in the floor. So life has seemed full of flux and messiness for about a year now. I am looking forward to the move perhaps around Christmas or early next year, so we can get back a little stability and tidiness.

So to give ourselves a break we took off for ten days to our beloved coastal hideaway.
Here is the video we took the time before.
I hope you enjoy another glimpse into our lives and our country.

Jazzy Jack


  1. So lovely to see you! Like you, I am a rare visitor of Bloglandia lately, but I love connecting with friends at least from time to time and thank you for your recent comment on my blog! I also hope to post some time very soon.

    I think apartment (or condo as they say in the US) is the way to go. I love the idea of living in the house, but in reality neither of us has time/energy or even slight interest taking care of it. I think we will opt for a condo some time in the future as well. 12th floor though? WOW! The building I grew up in has 9 floors and we lived on the 6th floor, I don't think I lived any higher than that. View of a lake sounds wonderful!

    Like Miles, Anya is going on 17 and drives herself these days. She started her first work this past Summer, even though she is still in high school (changed schools though). Congrats to Miles on graduating his homeschool and good luck finding the job that interests him! And how wonderful to hear that Aiden works on his passion and is a happier healthier guy! All the very best to your wonderful boys, my dear!

    I am a fan of your videos as you know and I enjoyed taking a boat ride and watching dolphins with you! I spotted porpoises recently from a park just down the street. It's the best part of living here - wild animals all around us! Just the other day, Anya and I drove in Tacoma and there was a deer in just an arm distance from us! Such a beautiful deer with pretty horns. And earlier, we saw a fox in our 'hood!

    Lots of love!

  2. Ooh, so pretty. I love the water.


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