BeautyScope 454: Keep cup liberty

today I first used
my keep cup
in a cafe
it's surprisingly hard
to offer it up
waiting for the stare
of disapproval
or disdain
it's surprisingly hard
to do something
outside the norm
and yet don't we all love
dramatic gestures?
grand flourishes
make us smile
like the Captain Cook water jet
I am looking at right now
leaping and floating
in the air
a spectacular point
of freedom


  1. I imagine this is your own personal cup you take with you. My husband tries to do the same. Often times coffee shops won't allow him to use his own cup. Can you believe it?! How are we ever going to change our current trajectory if people can't begin to make small changes?

    Bravo to you!


  2. Wow we love your photo with it dramatic gesture in water ,tree and light!
    Good on you using a Keep Cup! Being one of the first is always a bit scary isn't it?
    You are a good role model. Love D&M


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