BeautyScope 47: a light beckons

sunlight peeps through my fingers


  1. So pretty! This photo makes me happy and peaceful. I need that right now, as I'm starting to feel vaguely overwhelmed. Thanks for all your wonderful Beautyscope images. I enjoy them all even if I don't manage to comment on them all.

    1. Oh Shawna, I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed:-( Glad my images help in some way...that is more than I expected, but what I hoped for :-)
      As my statement of purpose says:
      I am a colourful influential outlier
      Laying a beauty trail right across this world
      Spark by precious spark

  2. Perhaps overwhelmed is better than underwhelmed. At least I know I'm alive! I have a busy week ahead of me, or at least busy by m y standards so I'm probably just stressing a bit. Two coffee dates and one appointment and the cleaning lady is here today but of course I am the type who cleans before the cleaning lady comes. See what I mean? Nobody else would stress over that. LOL


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