Hat attire

it's all about a hat, and some crazy cutoffs

Here is one way to wear it...

Here is another...

Here I am in my knitted creation with "tell me when to smile" face on

Hmm, how else can I wear this?

I know! A scarf!

The sartorial splendour of my spotty socks over Muppet tights, inside elf suede boots!

Home crafted fancy cutoffs

A close up of the magnificence!

I'm going to try to link up with  Hat Attack #10 on The Style Crone . Wish me luck!

'Til next time, keep creating!


  1. Thanks for your intelligent spot on comment, you were not awarded for no reason Jazz. I fancy your cut offs and the multiple ways you can wear a scarf.I love creating,too in the form of crochet and sewing but recently I'm creating more in the outfits department. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! Yes, my other projects are suffering from blog attack :-) but I try to just think that I'm broadening my artistic scope. I do enjoy it, and it gives me a focus, rather than feeling like I'm frittering away my time on nonessentials. Also I have a much bigger audience, and who doesn't love that!

  2. Really awesome, Jazz! I love the socks and tights and the cutouts and I love that hat-scarf and the colourful sweater. I think the woman in them is pretty cool too!

    1. Thanks a bunch Shawna! You're not so bad yourself ;-)

  3. I love the way that nothing is wasted in your creative brain. Hat & scarf with it's pin and the cut offs
    with it's fancy pattern all worn as only you can. Jazz on! M

  4. Hi Jazzy Jack! Your hat has so many possibilities and your creativity is inspiring. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!


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