BeautyScope 160: Insect nirvana

giant play space
swaying dangerously
above our heads
all who attempt
the perilous climb
are promised nectar
beyond their wildest dreams

BeautyScope will be taking a break for a few days as we welcome a long weekend during the school holidays!
Off to Sydney to visit the families.
See you on our return.

'Til then, keep creating and showing your beauty!

Jazzy Jack


  1. Sydney!? That's where Hugh Jackman lives O_O
    Have fun you lovely lady you! :D

  2. in my garden the last marigolds are blooming....and the last bees and butterflies searching for honey.....autumn.
    have a great weekend in sydney with your family!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful image. I love the colours and how they seem at once vivid and soft. I love to hear the buzzing of the bees in the flowers and the sunlight shining through petals. I think bees in flowers is something I miss most about no longer having a garden. Bees do not like to come up to the third floor.

    Have a lovely time in Sydney! xoxoxoxo

  4. Lovely photo. Have fun in Sydney!


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