Halloween/Hello in please come,Yoda!

Today for Share-in-Style Halloween over on Mis Papelicos I thought I'd show you my backwards jumper.
I cut a jumper up the back and turned it into a cardigan, because I liked the idea of the pattern on the back. Not sure how successful it was.
But I photographed it against the backdrop of Mr Artist's bedroom.
We allowed him to decorate his room, so he drew an abandoned army base, complete with spiders...as you do!
Here is the back...

and now the front!

I also crocheted pockets with lining, and then thought the lining looked too nice to hide, so swapped. So we now have insideout pockets on a backwards jumper!
Here is the inside of the pocket inset into the door. What do you think, should I turn them back to the front to show the crochet?

So now the rest of the artwork...forget about my jumper!
Here is the back of the door.
With safe lock, keypad, bullet holes and spy hole.

Then above his bed is exweaponry, a hatch, and a bedhead full of worms...of course:-)

This was the first wall to be arted.
The headless monster being painted coming through the wall was the first, followed by two flight simulators, then the army base decommissioning happened all around.

We love our creative kids, and can't really complain when they paint on their walls as we do too! I hope you've enjoyed this little Halloween jaunt around Mr Artist's creation.
Til next time, keep creating and showing the world your wonderful uniqueness!

Jazzy Jack 


  1. your kids are really to be envied - and you for your kids too!!!!!! fantastic!
    the sweater-cardi is a success! genius! i vote for crochet pockets, but the lining is pretty too. maybe you wear them a while like that and then you know if you want to change them.......

  2. Your creative kids are an absolute credit to you! I love your cardi/jumper transformation, the pockets are gorgeous. xxx

  3. You are brilliant parents, guys! I have to admit that I am not that adventurous.I like your cardigan with the pattern on the back and Beate's idea to wear it like this for a while, and then turn the pockets on the other side. That's what I do with the furniture at home - everything moves constantly. My back hurts. No such a problem with changing pockets! :) Hugs!

  4. You are fabulous, and what a brilliant thing to do with the jumpler. They always put the cute thing at the back, ahhhhhhhhhhhh That has got me thinking, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Thank you so much for being WONDERFUL, INSPIRING and part of the Share-in-Style family

  5. How fun to decorate the walls like that.

    I love the pockets on the sweater like that. How on earth did you come up with the idea to reverse the sweater like that? Very artsy.


  6. I love the pockets the way they are. I also love how you allow your son to express his creativity. I'm always a bit nervous about painting the walls, but I feel inspired by this post. ;) Thanks JJ.

  7. Love the transformation of the jumper...jackets are great to wear. The material pockets with the material lining look too good to change yet....maybe later...who knows what your little grey cells will dream up. Enjoyed the visit to the wonderful world of Mr Artist. Where to next? D was concerned about that hole in the wall...needs bullet proofing!!!! D&M xxxx

  8. Having wonderful talented parents is the best thing in the world can happen to a child! You are very talented, unique and lovely JJ! I love your pictures, the "wall art" is awesome, everyone who came in there will watch and watch for hours and it will never get boring! :)

    many greetings to my far-away-friend
    Dana :)

  9. I love to see children at work..their creativity is amazing!

    Great outfit<3

  10. My dear Jazzy, could you please revisit Share-in-Style and VOTE for your favourite look. Voting open until tonight. Thanks a lot.

  11. I think your cardigan/jumper transformation is a raging success. The pockets would work either way ... maybe one of each???
    Wow to the bedroom ... what an imagination he must have! And very brave of you to let him go for it.

  12. OK. This is just plain brilliant. I am now eyeing the sweaters in my closet, shears in hand. As for drawing on the walls....we should all draw on the walls!

  13. What a wonderfully creative household, parents and kids alike! I'm thinking I might not be as cool as you if any of my children paint the walls... We'll see what happens in the future! I like the pockets of the cardigan inside out, your refashion looks great. xxx

  14. Wonderful cardigan!!! Such a great idea!!!
    Why choose either linen or crochet? One of each??? I think the cardigan could be cool with different textures!!!
    And on the artwork! Brilliaaaaant!!! I'm in love with the flight simulators!!'

  15. Love how you've revamped your jumper, so cute pockets!!

  16. I totally loved the refashion and got inspired to do the same as soon as I spot the suitable sweater. Like Curtise I wouldn't be that cool either but I see your point in letting them express themselves.

  17. Your cardigan is brilliant, and the pockets. I agree with the others. Both sides of the pockets look good, perhaps changing them as the mood strikes, or having them both ways. I love remaking things to my liking and the process that one goes through to get there. It's the ultimate, having your own room to do with what you will. Kudos to you, for fostering the notion and supporting the fruition.


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