4 March 2015

Mad Hatter

In order to show off my latest creation on Style Crone's Hat Attack, I've composed this post :-D

Hetty the Hatter
made hats when it mattered.
When the cold winter winds bit,
Hetty would sit and knit.
Needles and wool would fly
She nearly put out an eye!
But Hetty nevertheless
made hats worthy of the best.

Here Hetty is modelling her chocolate brown merino creation, which with versatility can be worn against the head, or with the more slouch hat look.

This green creation is reminiscent of moss. For this one Hetty pulled out her crochet hooks. Made with mohair, merino and alpaca wool, the crown has a spiral form. Very warm.

Next Hetty is wearing her variegated green and brown slouch hat which can also be converted to a cowl. She loves to make works which can be experienced many ways. This piece has been created out of alpaca with its soft fall, and knitted squares adding texture.

Finally we see Hetty in a new style for her. A whole new look using bulky wool and sky blue colourway. The design of this hat is a conical shape finishing in a point, referencing acorns and seedpods.

I feel Hetty may need a short break from working, it seems to have affected her slightly, as we witness her wearing all her creations at once proving her balancing ability, and finally juggling them!

Well, she was always one for innovation. Not only hats, but circus toys as well!

So ladies and gentlemen, please remember Hetty the Hatter as you choose your hats. May she inspire you to experience hats a little differently this season!

'Til next time, keep creating
and showing your individual selves to the world!
Jazzy Jack

PS A sneak peek at Hetty's work in progress...baby alpaca and silk...mmm love the colour...and sooo soft!

PPS Don't forget to visit the linkup. Judith is looking particularly snazzy in multi-coloured velvet...mmm...mmm!


  1. Hetty's creations are so very heavenly! And the mossy look is perfect right now for the entrance of spring. I especially love the billowing blue cascade of fluff coming out of your neck.

  2. Oh that Hetty, always up to something clever. The blue pointy beanie is my absolute fav!

  3. Love all the hats ... but specially the sky blue gum nut baby style ... gorgeous!!!
    I'm afraid my OCD tendencies are going crazy right now wanting to straighten that picture in the background ;0)

  4. I know, I do it on purpose! Who will blink first :-D yes, I love the blue one too. Haven't worn it yet, so will see how practical it is.
    Maybe I'll make some more...hmm. xo

  5. Hee hee! Glad you like it. I had such fun making it! xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Hetty is such a fun gal! I love the mossy green and the green/brown especially! The whole post is just so joyful and funny. Adorable!! I haven't knitted i years. Maybe Hetty can give a few lessons. :) Love xxxx

  7. beate @ bahnwaerterhaeuschen4 March 2015 at 23:51

    let me be your alice ;-)
    love me a good individual knitted hat made of real wool - and yours are all gorgeous!!!!
    and that poem! you bring sunshine to my heart on a wet, cold day! thank you!
    and thank you for your fab comments on my stuff :-)

  8. Hetty is a genius! I love all these beauties, modelled to perfection by you! x

  9. Ooh yes, the green ones would suit you!
    You must do some knitting. Mind you, you might not feel like it in Spring. Although I did knit some cotton shorts a couple of years ago that are still being worn in Summer.
    Glad I made you smile :-) or ratherr Hetty did! xo Jazzy Jack

  10. I'm not sure of that expression, to be your alice. Is it model, or guinea pig?!
    So glad Hetty and I could bring some light to your day! It still amazes me this internet.
    Hugs and kisses back! xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Thanks Vix! I did help Hetty a little, so I'll take the applause :-D
    I'm enjoying the prospect of cooler days so I can wear them again. Mind you I'll be sick of it after a week! xo Jazzy Jack

  12. What a fun post! Love both the prose and the pictures.

  13. Hahaha, Hetty is quirky, I like her! I also like the moss green hat! *makes a proffessionally pretentious sounding voice*, green is soo in this year, totally going to be a fashion furore for the upcoming 2015 Fall! :-D
    I enjoy your funny prose always! ^_^

  14. Oh my! You are talented with some needles!

    Fun poem to go along with the fun photos. I especially like the acorn one. Reminds me of the hat Melanie from Bag and Beret is wearing. You two are sisters from another mister.


  15. Andrea Torres-Cooper5 March 2015 at 14:40

    Hetty's third and versatile hat is my favorite :) And her juggling is pretty inspiring, so I may just take up the goal of learning, yet again! ;) Thanks for sharing these lovely hats and making me smile. xoxo

  16. Thanks! I love making people smile :-D And in the process it makes me smile too...win, win! xo Jazzy Jack

  17. I don't know why, but quirky is a term I hear a lot ;-)
    Oh yes, daaarling growing moss on the scalp is the new hair...didn't you receive the memo?!
    I love that you get it! xo Jazzy Jack

  18. Why thankyou my dear.
    I secretly love the blue one best too! Although the work in progress is awfully soft.
    Yes, I couldn't believe it when I saw Melanie's hat!
    All the best ideas are always taken! xo Jazzy Jack

  19. I'll let you into a secret. The green hat is a beret gone awry. Something happened weird in the middle and it started curving instead of lying flat, so I changed the design! And I like it better!!
    I'm glad Hetty has helped. Anyway, you're heading out of winter, so who cares about hats?! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  20. It's interesting which hat which person likes best. I am not surprised you like that one because you are so good at refashioning! I'm a sucker for a multiple use item:-)
    My kids go to circus lessons and are learning juggling amongst other things like aerial trapeze, tissue(the long ribbon trapeze thing), unicycle, tumbling, riding crazy clown bikes etc. It's so cool!
    Glad I made you smile...always a goal. xo Jazzy Jack

  21. The Style Crone6 March 2015 at 06:24

    Hetty's talent is expressed with the written word as well as with creating hats with needles. Each creation has its own personality and perfect for the frigid cold winter. I'm especially attracted to the blue beauty. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  22. Thanks Judith! I just had to share this with you. Thanks for your inspiration. I knew you would like the blue one! I'm in a bit of a hat obsession with knitting at the moment. I see more in the works! 😄 xo Jazzy Jack

  23. Oh yes, worthy of the best! I looove your acorn hat, as you would suspect. And it is very spooky that we both wore our acorns under other hats as well, mine in another post. Sadly, I lack the talent to make my own hats. Hetty the Hatter's hats make my heart pitter patter.

  24. Oh yes! Pitter patter indeed! How crazy is that...great minds and all that! xo Jazzy Jack

  25. All those soft textured yarns dyed and made into something warm, fun and creative. AND Hetty's poem and scarves add.....to the look and our thoughts. We love tracking you creative sparkle!D&M xxxxxx

  26. Don't forget the circus tricks! There may or may not have been some photo trickery! 😉


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