3 August 2015

Rise and Write Linkup no.1 and Plinka Pants

Hello gorgeous people!

Here I am in my Plinka Pants by Tina Givens. Made with the first pattern I've downloaded from the internet.

Unfortunately the fabric wasn't robust enough for the ruffles, and the weight caused the side seam to split. I had to remove them:-(

But the resulting shorter pants are so versatile. I'm living in them! And they are great with boots.

Just goes to show mistakes can be useful!

I am following the Rise and Write writing link up of Out of the Writer's Closet.

Every day we write for 5 - 10 minutes on the daily prompt. I am being unusual and writing poetry. Here are the first three!

Day 1. Write about the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning. Is it something in your room? Is it a photograph? A cat? A person? The world outside of your window?

When I open my eyes

I see a beautiful blur

Without my glasses

The world is all fuzzy

All the detail is missing

And edges have auras

Magic is possible

In my soft misty world

All is not definite

Or defined

There is a sense

Of the mysterious

Of something unseen

Something hidden

But wonderful

Yet to discover

A feeling of wakening

A world still unfolding

Where only the wondrous

Will finally be revealed

Day 2. Write about the first bouquet of flowers you received (or gave to someone). What flowers they were? Do you remember their smell? Were they from a garden, field, market? You may also write about the flowers you did not receive (or gave) – of a disappointment.

The first bouquet of flowers I ever gave

Was to my husband

Oh, he wasn't my husband then

I turned up at his door and presented them

He opened it wide with surprise

I wasn't sure if he was surprised to see me

Or surprised by the flowers

He is a man after all

But he was delighted

And I thought why can't a man

Who loves nature

And works in forests

Love nature's smaller gifts

The brighter ones

Besides just trees which are big

And masculine

So he received flowers

And you know

That day

I knew he was for me

Because he didn't reject them

Or the idea

He didn't posture or grimace

Or act uncomfortable

He just loved and treasured them

And their beauty

And you know what?

He loved me!

Day 3. Write about your first visit to a dentist – or the most memorable one. Do you remember the dentist’s face, voice, the smell of the office? Do you remember your pain, fear, or a pleasant feeling of knowing that you are taking a good care of your teeth?




Says the boy




Says the drill

Eat me

I'm yummy

You want me

Says the sweet




Clean your teeth!

I'm just loving this. It helps having a topic set. I'm even setting my alarm ten minutes earlier so I can do it!! I know!

Hope you all enjoyed my first instalment. More to come!

Pop over and visit the others.

Today's face - our punk fireirons!

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack

PS also linking to SpyGirl's Crimson 52 Pick Me Up and Turning Heads Tuesday









  1. A packed post - a dress-maker, a mistake exploiter, a poet, a face finder and several beautiful stories! Loving it :-)

  2. Haiku for you:
    Monday dawns crimson
    Friends leave creative sparks
    Thank you for playing
    Love your poems! Don't stop!

  3. Love those pants (with or without the ruffle!) and your writing. That fuzzy first view of the world is all too familiar, before the contacts go in! xx

  4. I LOVE these pants. If I could sew, I would make myself a pair. Are they hard to make?

  5. I love the poem concept. The flower one touched me very much.

  6. My dear! I am sooo happy that you joined in and loving it - and I am loving all of your creativity here! The pants are gorgeous, really exceptional. I can see why you live in them! Love both ways, but even better shortened. Mistakes don't exist, as my daughter teaches me. :) We just do what we believe is right. What a concept!

    Love the poems, all three of them. They are so you - the unique, brave, bold, creative, sensitive and fun you. The last one made me smile. Great sounds! The flowers one is very touching! Please, keep writing and sharing! Kisses and hugses! xxx

  7. I love your creations, no wonder you're living in those pants, they are absolutely fantastic. Hoorah for free downloads.
    Your poetry is fantastic (and I rarely find poetry I like) and the punk fire irons ROCK! xxxx

  8. love your poetry! so fresh and un-pathetic!
    (my man always takes flowers with grace like yours - if you ask me thats a sign for a self-confident guy)
    and that red pants look really comfy! in the end the shorter length without ruffles is more versatile...
    hugs! xxxxxx

  9. I'm also not normally a big fan of poetry. Nothing against it, but it usually just doesn't grab me. These did ... very touching, very real, very present. I really enjoyed them. :) Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the pants and the poetry ... perfect :0)

  11. What a rich, funny lovely post!
    My English is to little to writing every day a story, it would take to many time. Otherwise, this would challenge me too. Your clothing has such a warm red, ready for wintertime.
    Have a nice day :-)
    (I'm just standing up)

  12. What a delightful post a joy to experience your painting in words and sounds. We felt we were right there with you. The pants and boots look great. Your sci fi fire irons are cool! It's fun reading all the thoughtful comments too. D&M xxxx

  13. Hahahaha, you always make me choke from too much laughter, you crazy Jazzy Jack! :D The dentist poem is so spot on! Don't forget the obligatory question "What do you do?" or "What are you studying?"
    And had a little giggle at the " First thing you see in the morning" bit...Blurriness has never sounded so beautiful!
    The pants are kick ass, they have a sort of culotte design, which is so trendy right now, oh my :D
    Btw, mentioned you in my post, hope you don't mind! Your post about commenting on blogs gave me food for thought!

  14. ooo Plinka Pants! Looking good with and without ruffles. Creative in every arena.


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