DIY felted jumper/sweater

Once upon a time there was a soft harmless jumper, waiting quietly in a thrift shop.

Swooped up and scooped up it flew all the way to my house!

It looks cute enough I guess, but I'm not a fan of bunchy waist rib bands. So....

I removed them...all of them, and chucked it in the wash.

Ah, much more me, I can breathe and move...and dance!

'Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. ...and what will those cuffs and ribs become now? I am sure something else fascinating is on its way!

  2. Much better!
    I cut the sleeves off to make arm & leg warmers and have used felted-up charity shop jumpers to cut up and resew into hats and mittens. xxx

  3. Such a bold idea, I love it. xx

  4. I also notice a rather nice array of hats in the background!

  5. I've always though of doing this but I was afraid it would unravel. It didn't? How wonderful. You look tres chic.

  6. That is one of the best thing about thrifted can alter them to your needs.

    I am very envious of your bare legs.


  7. Buy one item and get 4! What would you do without felting....hurray for good old wool and a creative mind to see possibilities.
    D&M xxxx

  8. just genius!! and especially lovely with the beach dress and your pretty legs!!!

  9. I like it! I can't stand the binding on those things either. I just cut them all off of a sweatshirt recently, so much more comfy. You're much better and dancing it it though...

  10. That's perfect! Bunchy waist rib bands are rather awful though there are one or two I put up with by tucking them into my jeans. I like your solution! You look so cute in that picture. So free and ready to dance. xoxoxo

  11. Jazzy Jack,

    I don't like ribbed waistbands either! Did the jumper shrink much in the wash?


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