Mad cyclist

We've been having some biking adventures lately. Getting these old legs working has NOT been easy!

Fortunately Mr Actor is working his way back to fitness as well, so our levels coincide somewhat.

However...I have never really ridden, while the boys and Bushy are expert riders. I bought this bike so I could learn and not be left behind by my family. It has sat in the garage forlornly for years, what with my own health issues lately.

But now it seems all the fates have aligned to allow us to pursue this dream. Yay!

My spirit is soaring and my legs are wobbly and aching!

Of course I had to buy a stylish bike, but unfortunately the tilt of the basket means when I go over a bump everything feels like it will bounce out.

Solution, make a basket liner!

Not just any liner, a super duper one that will take more than the basket will hold! Mr Artist is really impressed with this am I. It's working beautifully and made out of junk bits of fabric I had in the cupboard.

Winter is impressed, it even matches the car.

Here we are on our morning ride taking a break from the heat in this cool (in both senses) cave inside these bushes. Where is that breeze?

Do you like cycling?

'Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack



  1. What a swishy basket's better than any headlight! We can imagine the feeling in that cool cave. We're cheering you on in your biking adventures. M&D xxxx

  2. Very clever basket solution!! And quite stylish. I love biking and it looks like you have some beautiful green destinations. Keep on a peddling, my friend.

  3. Can you fit the dog in the basket? I am sure she'd love to accompany you on your travels!

  4. What a snazzy bike and a gorgeous dog, too! xxx

  5. I am so glad the bike is not forlorn anymore (love the word "forlorn" by the way, so fun to say). Your lining/bag is brilliant! Will you believe me if I say I don't know how to bike?

  6. Lovely bike, she's PALE BLUE!!!! I wanted a pale blue one but Celeste was the only one who was comfortable for me and she's white!!!!x

  7. Hi there JJ! I do love cycling but the last time I went I got stung by a bee on my lower lip. That's the last I ventured out. Mainly because we live in a congested inner city area so biking is stressful watching for cars. But I love it when we're on a trail or bike path.
    Happy Holidays to you!
    JJ are my initials too!

  8. glad you have the possibility to bike around in the fresh (hot) air!
    in berlin i went everywhere on my bike for 20 years - instant fitness and fast transportation in a very crowded city.
    but your bike looks like the saddle is not in the right position for your high - to low - and to much tilted backwards to be comfy. no wonder your muscles ache....
    and a full front basket makes a bike very unstable - best thing for easy biking are bags on the sides of the back weel (is there a special name for ist??)
    just saying. because i think one should make ones live as easy as possible :-)
    have fun biking!

    1. Thanks Beate. Yes, I'm well aware my seat is too low. Just having trouble stopping and starting so need to be closer to the ground for now. Too chicken! Will check out the angle...thanks. Jazzy Jack

  9. Cool bike, and your basket liner is an ingenious solution.
    I haven't ridden a bike for over 30 years - I wonder if it's true that you never forget how to do it?! xxx

  10. I like cycling on the flat ... cycling on the hills ... not so much ;0)

  11. I have not cycled in years. When I was young I went about easily on a bicycle but these days it feels very unnatural. Due to my limitations I doubt I would purchase a bike as it would not get used much but I like to imagine riding about on one. I live at the bottom of a hill and all of the rest of town is up the hill. If this were a flatter place maybe I would cycle-lol. Your bike is very stylish and I love your basket solution! xoxo

  12. Jazzy Jack,

    The last time I rode a bike, I fell off. The time before that, I almost hit a bus. I think I should keep my legs on the ground so I stay safe! I love your basket liner!

  13. I used to ride bikes all of the time in my Youth and then I just stopped... for decades. So I thought, after Age Fifty, why not begin again since they say you never forget how to ride one. They were wrong... got a bicycle and couldn't ride it at all without the fear of falling and breaking a hip or something... and it was so Cute, Vintage Style and totally Pimped Out. We had to return it *sob*, so The Man bought me an Adult Tricycle and I totally Pimped that Out Gypsy Style and got ready for this first great ride... only to realize I couldn't ride that either! WTF?!??! It has sat for years now, accumulating cobwebs, rust and flat tires... I'll be Selling it soon to a Picker that thought it was Ancient {nope, just left out in the weather... but whatever if the price is right...} Guess my bike riding days are mos def OVER! Dawn... The Bohemian


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