BeautyScope 277: Wisteria seedpod

Wisteria don't just have flowers. I adore their seedpods too. Don't you?

Reminds me a little of a waterslide.

Can't you imagine the ants in the rain!

curling around

you release your seed

smooth and spent

swinging in the wind

you hang, a bauble

a perfect spiral



  1. I love wisteria flowers but that is the first time I've seen their pods-yessss, ant waterslides sounds a very sweet idea!!!x

  2. An ant playground, or have they just been wrung out to dry? Either way, a magical photo :-)

  3. The ants would be lined up for such a fun spiral slippy slide! Gorgeous contrasting's hard to realise it's related to such delicate flowers. D&M xxxx

  4. i know this from my sweet pea plant - in the autumn they pop with a knistering sound, the seeds fly around und the seedpod is beautiful curled...
    gorgeous photo!!!!

    1. Ooh what a sight! I looove "knistering"!

  5. You have absolutely no idea how much I love wisteria and swirly things in general. Xxxooo

  6. Very much so, save for if you accidentally step on the (often very) pointy end points (did that a few times as a barefooted youngster).

    Big hugs & happy wishes for the coming week,
    ♥ Jessica


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