BeautyScope 278: Grassy moment

Sometimes I think I could just take photos of grasses for the rest of the year and be content.

They fill something in my aesthetic soul. I think it's the line. In the following photos I was enjoying the backlit flowers/grassheads.

browning grasses

swaying gracefully

haloed fuzzy heads

shining bright

bending slightly

courtly shadows

gentle, stately

crowned by light


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  1. Grasses really are so pretty when they are blowing in the wind. They make the nicest swishing sound.

  2. I think there is something hypnotic about swaying grasses. They remind me of waves in the ocean.


  3. Graceful glowing grasses, courtly crowned cavaliers attracting stares! They are always mesmerising for us. D&M xxxx

  4. I agree there is a certain beauty of the grasses swaying in the breeze.

  5. yesss - grassss! love it. will plant some big species in my garden. wispering leaves....

  6. Beautiful, and beautifully caught too, but ...ah tissue! 🌞

  7. Gorgeous images - I often find myself drawn to the same sights or textures for photos too. Hey, we love what we love! xxx

  8. I know exactly what you mean! I am fascinated by the motion of grasses! When we went to the lake District and climbed the Rannadale knots, on top of the ridge, the motion of the grasses was amazing and I just longed to be able to capture it as it really was. I failed of course!
    I love your cotton grasses heree!!x

  9. Memories of summer! Looking forward to warmer weather!

  10. Beautiful photos, beautiful lines!

  11. I think simple subjects make great photos and yours definitely does!


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