This little light ...

There is a light shining in our life...actually more than one!

Here are our Christmas candles in front of our antique chiming clock which fills our house with sublime music. These photos were taken with my new to me Canon 1200D. My first DSLR camera. A gift to myself for all the work I've done this year. It only has a kit lens and I'm still learning all the buttons, but it still takes better macro shots so I see some fun times ahead!


This year holds some pretty special potential as we have decided to continue homeschooling not just Mr Actor but Mr Artist is trying it out for first term as well. I'm really looking forward to the change in our life that not rushing back and forth to school will bring.


Mr Actor and I have been on the FODMAP diet for a few months now, and finding it very beneficial. So much so that he has gained back all the lost weight and is now workingh on muscle development...a chin-up is the current goal!

So we head away from the Sun as you head towards it after the Summer/Winter solstice. It's always a bittersweet moment for me, although the true heat is still to come.

I am focussing on the statement "It is what it is, and I am what I am" to help me accept my foibles and try not to control people and circumstances too much, thus exhausting myself.

I am trying to just accept and move on without too many head miles. Not something that comes naturally AT ALL!

I feel the need to focus on the shine in my sons and my family. Concentrate on the beauty that beams from them if I hone in on it. Suddenly difficulties fall away as I let go of perfection...perfection in schooling, in emotions, in outcomes, in behaviour. I focus on what is and accept that, knowing these things will work their way through in time without fussing from me.

My kids are extreeemely capable as all kids are if only I will trust them. Didn't they learn a difficult gymnastic trick like walking, and learning a whole language without much help from me?

I focus on the positive qualities and refuse to become negative and down in the dumps about perceived differences and disabilities. This is something parents I've met can get in a panic about, myself included. Why set our special kids up to be measured by an external standard which leaves them falling short and focussing on negativity and stress. Let's celebrate their specialness, their uniqueness and run with that.

I believe in them and their spark.

Wouldn't we all love others to do that to us?

I believe in your spark also.

Til next time, keep on creating!


Jazzy Jack





  1. Gorgeous photos (and yes! good luck on this new and exciting journey with the boys!)

  2. Lovely photos and lovely post. 2016 is going to be a great year, it all comes down to our attitude and thinking positively about life. You are going to be great and do great likewise with your lads. Enjoy your camera.

  3. Bring it on 2016! I am sure there will be lots to light up about :-)

  4. Oh we are going to see some beautiful new photos. I can just feel it.

  5. More gorgeous pictures...Your clock is smiling on the glow surrounding it! you've caught the sparkle in the holders well too. You must have had fun with all the candles together.
    We are cheering you on in your new adventure together and look forward to any show and tell! D&M xxxx oooo

  6. JJ - this is wonderful! you sound so positiv in this post - although it will not be easy always, i´m sure that your focussing is the recipe to a gorgeous life!!
    love your candles in their crystal stands!
    hugs&kisses <3 <3 <3

  7. Congratulations on the new camera! Beautiful photos! And I like your so very positive attitude in this post!

  8. The photos are brilliant! I LOVE all those light sources combined into one cosy halo!
    Your sons will do brilliantly! You have the love and patience and it will be wondrous for them!x

  9. Enjoy your new camera and if your recent posts are anything to go by we are all in for some truly magical images. I do hope this New Year brings much joy as you embrace your positive attitudes. Life is full of both joy and challenge , I always feel you need both to truly appreciate the other.


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