Gratitude Journal

I have started a gratitude journal.
Based on the promptings of Karl from the website Bring Gratitude.

I have tried this many times in my life, but this one is profound. It is really hitting me where I need it.
The difference is, not only do you state what you are grateful for, but also state why. This takes it deeper into our feelings, and we connect with it more.

I also find my body relaxing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I struggle with feeling safe enough to uncurl my senses and my body. I think I live life in a perpetual wince, guarded against the next blow to my senses. This is natural as I have a hypersensitive system, but I also think I feed into this in a negative way, by being a perfectionist, as I focus on the details that are incorrect in my life. The details that need fixing.

My gratitude journal is allowing me to unbox this a little because it is absolutely the opposite. Kind of the antidote if you will. Because it still makes use of my detail minded brain I can really get behind it. It taps in to my natural way of being, but this time focussing on the positive, on all the things that are going right. And truth to tell there are many more things going right than wrong. So the perpetual tensing is actually not necessary most of the time.
What a waste!

So I am using this new tool to help me learn about my environment in a new way. To tell myself it is safe to unfurl, to open to life because on the whole it is good. People are friendly, and things have a way of working out, even if not to my timetable. Sure things can be too loud and grating on my senses causing me to shut down. But I can't stay shut. I need to allow myself time and space to unfurl. Otherwise I will miss all the beauty and music and light.

Do you relate to this?
Have you ever done a Gratitude Journal? How did you feel?


  1. do relate.
    maybe its because i have seen so many wasted lifes in the jungles of berlin.... to have a family and/or very good friends, a house with garden, sweet pets, to live i a "normal" area - not in a ghetto, to be mostly healthy, to not be edicted to drugs..... this all makes me very grateful! chances are high that it could be the other way.
    no journal needed for me.
    unfurl - otherwise life is happen without you. and btw. - life is loud, harsh, disturbing, even hurting too - together with "the beauty and music and light".....sometimes in the same moment.
    much love! xxxxx

  2. What a delight to read your thoughtful words and think of you working with gratitude..We are so grateful for you and your clan and the way you each enrich our world with being who you are. The rich creation around us daily gives us joy. Yes we see sadness and pain but also the amazing way some people walk through it with gratitude for what's good. They are inspirations to us all. Bless you in your new "walk" in beauty, music and light. Love D&M xxxxxx

  3. It sounds wonderful, and I definitely relate. I tried writing a gratitude journal, but being an eclectic person that I am, it is sometimes hard to stay true to only one topic... But if I did have such a journal today, I would express gratitude for you stopping by and say hello. It's been a while since we connected and talked on regular basis. But I want you to know that always have a warm spot for you in my heart.
    Lots of love!

  4. I can indeed relate to this and a Gratitude Journal sounds like a splendid idea! I am Grateful for your Online Journal of Life Shared... Why? Because it connects me with other experiences of a Wonderful Family that is doing Life, imperfections and all, in a most Glorious way!


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