I have been musing on the concept of "safety". I believe this is one of my basic needs, well don't we all want to be safe?
I need to feel safe to allow me to connect in to the flow of life, to feel in harmony. I need a sense of peace to allow my senses to unfurl safely, a rarity in this autistic body.
As an autistic person I spend my life tensing against perceived threats. Due to my sensitive senses and hyperactive nervous system, my body reacts to the world intensely.
I need to prioritise healing, to allow my own safety.

Minimalism, prioritising, and decluttering are ways forward.
One of the filtering questions I have heard in minimalism is "Do I need this now?"
This fosters a sense of presence, a living in the current moment, not worrying about the past or the future.
Unexpectedly, as I ask this question I am imbued with a sense of gratitude as I answer "Yes". Allowing me to appreciate all I have that supports my life.

Over Easter I had the sublime experience of walking out of time into our property "Heartwoods".
How restorative it was to read a book instead of flicking through short videos. I find it leads to simple deep learning. Allowing my brain to consider and contemplate between times.
Reading about something deep and calming such as the wider story of minimalism which addresses our mindset and soul needs allows me to experience slowing down of my system, which imbues a sense of safety.
It is such a great mantra for me "Slow Down". Do you need the pedal to the metal ALL the time?
As an extension to the previous question, I am also asking myself "Do I need to do this now"?

What is safety anyway? Is it an illusion?
When do we know we are safe?
Do we ever know?
I think the answer to this is very individual. Each person will draw the lines in different places according to their story.

I think we can wind ourselves up into tight little balls like slaters and then forget to unwind when the danger is past. What a waste of a life.
But we need to feel safe to start the process of unwinding.
I think self care is very important for me in this.
Some of my self care moments are: reading(obviously), watching movies, physical pampering, taking time out in nature, and writing poetry,
And recently, increasingly, feeling grateful.


  1. Important reflections. And good insights.

    Women don't realize how little men worry about safety. While it's an ever-present concern for women, men simply assume they're safe from physical violence and intrusion. In this respect, the lives of men and women differ dramatically. And horribly unfairly.

    It's valuable to unplug from modern technology. When we do and go hiking, etc., our brains re-set. Constant distractions from electronic devices isn't healthy without breaks.

  2. It's always great to see the explorations of your thoughts from that brain that senses so much more than the average. You'd rather not explore some sounds and feelings that come crashing in on you in this often jarring world, we know.
    How good it is that you have discovered some places and things that are help you feel safe.
    Your photos often show what is in the world that gives us a grateful heart. There's so much in the natural world that is so amazingly made in form, function and beauty...often breath taking.
    Love and hugs D&M


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