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So today, my lovelies, for your perusing pleasure we have a denim outfit. I am linking up with Denim: Share-in-style at Mis Papelicos. Come and join the party!
Men's jeans bought retail- men's cut is best for me because I have no hips.
We also have what looks like a denim shirt, but is only denim coloured. It's brushed cotton, and so cosy! Also men's- secondhand for $7.
The belt is Diesel, bought secondhand for $3 - it has a seatbelt action buckle, very cool.
Scarf is a gift, and shoes are retail, Rockport painted by me.

Underneath is a men's shirt - Kathmandu, bought on special years ago.

As we get ready to brave the elements, I put on a felted pink secondhand jumper, and neck warmer I knitted out of alpaca wool.

It can also convert to a hat. Here I'm wearing the neck warmer I crocheted also seen here.
I wanted to show you my new kimono made of wool.
I picked up this fabric for $4 secondhand!
$30 for a metre in the shops at the moment.
I copied a simple kimono pattern from here  referred to by Andrea of Little Did You Know,
 and used a kilt pin to close.
I love it's architectural feeling.

On the back I added a piece of suede leather to reinforce the back neck where there is a lot of tension.
You can also see the back of the hat - it pulls up with a drawstring.

I adjusted the pattern slightly by folding the fronts back and adding a line of stitching to make pockets. I also top stitched the front edge, and the fold line.

See my hat?

Here are some closeups.

My shoes are painted with acrylic paints and oil pastels, with lines by permanent marker, then spray varnished.
The original colour of the shoes matched the laces.
I've linked up to Sheila's Shoe Shine.
Come and see some other gorgeous feet!

The neckwarmers

Now a hat

I wore my mittens made from socks, see this post.

 I decided to let the bottom edge of the kimomo fray, with a line of zigzag stitching about 2cm up to restrict the fraying and stop the whole coat fraying away!

A close up of the sleeves where I left the selvedge as a contrast feature.

Here is the back neck with the piece of suede reinforcing.
You may notice the seam line down the back is actually inside out. I changed my mind and made the inside the outside, so I just stitched the edges of the seam allowance to look like a feature!

So there we have it...the kimono I made 1 hour before we went to the Winter Festival at my kids' school on Friday night. And it's warm!
Come and view the exquisite hats!
because my kimono is made of two rectangles. Come and see some more crazy minimalist looks.

'Til next time, keep creating!
Jazzy Jack


  1. yohji yamamoto would be pale with envy!
    that cape/coat is fantastic! the material (mmmhhh), the cut, that you added pockets, turned inside out..... this garment is so unexpected and elegant yet functional! i hope i see more of it in other combinations this season.
    while the combo with your little cowl and hat are trés chic!
    the jeans look wins with the belt, scarf and your artsy shoes! me too never understand why we need jeans in womens cut - my hips got someone else.......
    my sewing room is waiting........

    1. I did all that? Wow! I'm impressed with myself ;-) your comment means a lot because I know you know what you're talking about! Thanks, my friend. XO

  2. I love your denim outfit!! Looks wonderful on you! Also the shoes, great colors. Love this kind of shoes, they are comfortable but stylish and nice.
    What a gorgeous kimono! You made this? Can´t believe that! Looks awesome!

    have a wonderful week
    greets from Germany
    Dana :)

    1. Thanks Dana! You are so stylish, I'm loving every word you say :-)Have a wonderful week from Australia! JJ

  3. Where do I start? Fantastic from the cool knitted beanie, the tweed kimono to the hand painted shoes! Warmth and comfort with style and sass! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix! I like that..."warmth and comfort with style and sass"! It takes one to know one as we used to say ;-) XO

  4. What a whole bunch of fantasticness! Apparently I just invented that word. You are so talented and I love everything and the way you wear it all! I can't even say anything original at this point as others have beaten me to it. You do the menswear look really well, with your own flair, and you make it cute. I LOVE the shoes. How do you keep the paint job from cracking?

    1. The paint is applied veeeery sparingly with a finger and rubbed in. The oil pastels are on the suede sections, and acrylic on the leather. It was also spray varnished. I have some boots I colour changed with shoe colour and they've cracked but beautifully. Will have to put them in a post. Thanks so much for your compliments! I don't know if anyone has ever called me cute before! Usually it's tall, lanky, or even statuesque! Have you ever had that one? I think it suits you. I'm stealing "fantasticness"! XO

    2. LOL-I'm not fond of the word statuesque as to me it just sounds like secret code for huge. I was called things like 'stilts' when I was in school. Now I just get asked to reach things on the top shelf in the grocery store and random women in clothing stores will look at me and sigh and say they wish they were taller. I then feel compelled to tell them it's not all that great. I point out to them that they can at least get their pants hemmed, whereas I cannot get fabric added. ;-) Please do steal fantasticness. I make up words all the time so there are plenty to go around!

  5. Holey Moley! You basically made the entire outfit. Wow. Socks to mittens? Mind blown. :) Love it.

    1. Thanks! I kind of feel a little afraid to show people my weird ideas sometimes. You guys certainly made it worth it! Must be because you are so creative too! XO

  6. We agree with all the above.. D said "what a clever, creative Jazzy Jack you are ! " It is fun to see your whole presentation . D&M xxxx

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Everything is fabulous, but that kimono is too cool. So creatively done. The whole ensemble is so well put together. Bravo to you Jazzy Jack, bravo to you.

    1. I was thinking of you and Marcy Tilton when I made it! It's all in the fabric of course. Thanks for your applause. I bow to you as my inspiration.

  8. You are very creative and this is a great post. This fall I want to make a cape or two myself. Love this ones details.

    1. Thanks very much Joni! Feel free to steal the idea. I'd love to see it if you do:-)

  9. This post displays your immense creativity! Beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful headwear with Hat Attack! So much fun getting to know you better.

  10. LOVE the kimono! And the neck warmers/hat!
    Thanks for linking up!

  11. You are so inventive, the cape is wonderful!


  12. The emphasis is on Jazzy here Ms. Jack. Awesome kimono. Actually, I love all your DIYs in this post, the shoe painting, hat, neck warmer... It all looks great. (I just stumbled over this at Anne's link party)

  13. We love the first outfit!!! Yesss!!! And the foulard detail is the best!!!

  14. Sooooooooooooooooo glad you could join the creative project of share-in-Style.
    it means sooooooooo much
    I hope you will become a regular.

  15. I was happy to see you at Share-in-style, dear friend! You are wonderful! I love how you multipurpose everything - socks become mittens, and scarves become hats etc. You are such an inspiration! Love your kimono, soooo cozy! And it's very clever to wear men's jeans because they fit better - perfect! xxxxx


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