BeautyScope 64: the grass is greener

dewdrop globes reflect the world around them


  1. So is greener and bigger out there! Beautiful.

  2. So that's how the little critters magnify their world! No wonder they love living there! D&M xxxx

  3. really like your beautyscope shots!
    every time i try this too i wish i had a better camera.
    your thoughts about style are very close to the things i learned while studying design!
    thank you for your comment on my venice post! there comes more the next days.
    stay tuned :-)

    1. Thanks so much Beate! I must say my camera is amazing :-) but it's just an automatic that fits in my bag. It's a Canon G15. To look at your shots you would never know you had a poor camera. It must be your artistic eye. Looking forward to more of Venice!


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