Gender talk and dressing up

Well my dearies, I have just been doing something exciting! I have just been interviewed about my gender story to go on You Tube!
If you want to see me in action and hear my Aussie accent, have a squiz!
 I dressed up a bit, so thought I ought to take some piccies so it doesn't go to waste.
Here's a sneak starts with a tuxedo wing collar and pleats... your eyes, this one is bright!

Ah, here we are! I'm posing outside the front of our house to give you a different view. We live on a corner.
I'm wearing a secondhand paisley coat in lime green and purple (when I bought it, the lady said "We were wondering who would buy this"!) it called out to me from a rack of black. I think its a love it or hate it kind of coat.
Also on my bod I have some silk velvet dark green pants that are eight years old.
And my feet are shod in beige(oh no, not beige!)canvas boots by Rivers bought secondhand for $6.
My brooch is paua and is one I wore to my university graduation aka old!
My earrings were a gift.
Oh yes, and the tux shirt was secondhand as well.

What's that I hear you cry? Someone is in trouble?
Quick let me whip on my cape...

On my way!

Here I am to save the day! (Have I spent too long with 9 year old boys?)

 Later in the day I donned my sheep vest.

Here I am being arty inside a mirror and clock The Artist and I painted to look like a man. A person inside a person!

I'm linking up with the Secondhand First party 
Come and join the fun!

'Til next time, keep creating,
Jazzy Jack


  1. OH what fun! I love all your outfits and the man-clock-mirror. AND I thought to myself, oh good pictures of her with no teeth showing so now I can do a better job with a portrait. You did that just for me, right? ;-)
    Yes I do want to hear your accent! Of course, I don't have an accent. ;-)

    1. Yes, of course I did closed mouth photos for you!

  2. Okay, I'm back from watching the video. You did a great job! Your accent is lovely too. I laughed out loud at what you said about gender fluid and I imagined someone saying, 'oh yuck you left your gender fluid on that chair!" Ewww.

    1. Hee, I think I have a warped brain! Thanks for watching :-)

  3. Three comments from me-It's your lucky day! I'm a bit brainless. It must be due to turning 47. Thank you for the birthday wishes. :-)

    1. Three replies from me! You're very welcome :-)

  4. Jack, what a great SURPRISE to see you and hear you talk!!!!!!! I looove that. What a wonderful thing is that you were interviewed about such an important, huge part of your life! I am intrigued by people like you, I have way too many questions. But I don't want to seem rude or noisy. Justin works for a company where they have all sorts of people, including guys who after a surgery become girls. We discuss sometimes and both think just like you said that those are boxes we traditionally are learned to see and identify ourselves with. And some day perhaps we all will be gender fluid. Still it's very uncommon now. I identify myself very much with being a woman. I have always been feminine. But I have so many masculine (well what traditionally is believed masculine) character features - independence, strong will, temper, leadership. I am so lucky that Justin on the other hand has some feminine features himself - sensitivity, kindness, compassion, creativity, gentleness. Yet on the surface we are very much a man and a woman, with no desire to change our gender etc. I like being a girl - it's fun! But I am not at all a believer in gender roles, even though my whole culture (and my first husband) very much sees a woman as a submissive one, and a man as a strong one. I think it is so much more organic when we don't think of people in those terms.

    Anyway, I loved seeing you. I thought many times to record a video with myself talking. I too have an accent (surprise surprise!) - a heavy Russian one. And mistakes. Your accent is lovely, and you are so genuine and beautiful! xxx

    1. Feel free to email me with your questions! I know it's hard to get your head around. Even I have trouble sometimes :-) We are so brainwashed into boxes. The real mystery is why we go along with it. Maybe I'm just naturally rebellious ;-) Actually gender issues are increased in people with Aspergers. Thanks for watching and being so sweet. I would looove to see a video of you especially with your exotic accent! You are genuine and beautiful too :-)

  5. The coat is perfect for you. Love the jewelry and the tuxedo shirt!

  6. As always you look great Jack, The jewellery colours sing against your fair skin. We watched your interview and you have a way with words that made everything you expressed clear to the listener and you did it with ease and grace....With Poetry,Prose,Singing,Acting,and broadcasting as well as visual arts, being an instrumentalist, and a Wonderfully talented family, You make the world a richer place for being in it. D&M xxxx

  7. You look wonderful, I love your swirling cape and the jewellery and your evening shirt.
    My speakers aren't connected at the moment but i'll be back to listen when Jon's finished with them! xxxx

  8. I had to laugh about the speakers, we do speaker relays as well!

  9. :) Love the outfits. Just watched your video. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.

  10. Super Jack ,Dandy extraordinare!.


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