Black and white stripes

Black and white stripes...I have a love affair with them. I think it appeals to my pattern entuned brain.
Venetian blinds, shutters, corrugations, ribbing, piano keys, shadows on fences and stairs are some of my black and white loves. Here I have photos of a humble metal sided garage, but seen in black and white produces these wonderfully striped shadows.

Another place where black and white stripes occur is on a zebra. Zebra stripes are fingerprints unique to each animal. Nature loves to make each individual a one-off.

Just as a fingerprint makes its unique mark, its unique stripes on the environment, so we need to have courage to make our own unique beauty known.
Black and white spark against each other. In my mind, like complementary colours, they make each other shine more brightly (yes, black can shine!)
By being uniquely ourselves we can provide a foil for others to shine. If we all look the same, we lose ourselves in the common uniformity. This is not a new message, here in the blogging world. But out there in daylight, I am constantly finding those who try to find any excuse not the stand out.
I'm starting to feel this is my other blogging message, alongside "be creative". 

People say to me I somehow can "get away with" my clothes, like I have some super power or something. I have puzzled over this, and now feel that they are noticing my confidence. But others can do this too!
Mind you, the messages "be creative" and "be unique" are probably two sides of the same coin.
Setting ourselves up as unique individuals provides strong contrast in this world for others to reflect against.

We need to stop putting ourselves down, both internally and externally. Don't be afraid to take a risk and let others see who you are. Be bold.  

Of course there is another zebra allusion...zebra crossings/pedestrian crossings.
These allow those on the road who are slower than us, a place to safely cross in the traffic, allowing them to cross ahead of us. We who are the enlightened can now turn and give a helping hand to those who are frightened to shine their light, for fear of being singled out and shot down.
Let's spend our lives celebrating difference in whatever, ability/disability, sexuality, culture, religion, skin tone. If we stand up to stand out we will encourage others to join in.

This post was inspired by a zebra scarf I have. Here it is in conjunction with a soft as butter thrifted leather jacket, lined linen bias cut dress, thrifted boots (seen here) and my new Sportscraft bag ( soft, thick leather which holds soo much and was $5!!! thrifted...over $200 new). 

 Also worn with a thrifted soft cotton shirt from Country 
Road, and some dance-worthy argyle socks!

 To show off the scarf some more, two ways to wear it on the head!

Here at last are the zebras who spawned this post. I bought this 8 years ago retail. It called to me across the store! I always feel sorry for them as they are difficult to tie and still be seen (as is the case for most scarves...grr!) So now they have had their moment in the sun :-)
Aren't they beautiful?!

Taking my zebras over to cavort with the Style Crone and give her a Hat Attack. Come on over and cavort (wonderful word) with us!

'Til next time, keep creating, and showing your beauty!

Jazzy Jack


  1. yes, yes,yes and amen!!!!
    where can i sign? :-)
    your ensemble: love. i wore a dress (selfsewn) like that almost every day 1992/93 to rags - it´s just sooo versatile and chic in every thinkable combination. need a midi length version i think. and more argyle socks. zebra scarf is a BEAUTY! i´m always a bit sad too when i wear a beautiful scarf but the design is almost invisible.
    thank you deeply for sharing your beauty and creativity with us!!!!

  2. Putting the Jazzy in Jack with that zebra scarf, its gorgeous! love it tied around your head like that. x

  3. Yep, standing up to stand out is a great message. And stand out you do, in that fabulous scarf! Love the zebras, and your call for encouragement,support and creativity. xxx

  4. You know what? My brain is very pattern intuned too. I even recite patterned sounds over and over in my head sometimes. But when the neighbors dryer is running and it makes a high pitch monotonous sound it drives me nearly insane if I don't turn the music on to drown it out.

    Love the black and white patterns in here which peeks out in your zebra scarf. Love that skirt too!

  5. Love love love your dress and you really look amazing in black and white! Zebra scarf-how awesome is that? I love argyle and zebra together. It's perfect and perfectly Jazzy Jack. I agree with Vix-love the scarf tied on your head.

  6. How eloquent and perfectly put, by being bold and creative we allow us all to shine, I agree with you 100% and you have knocked it out of the park again in your awesome ensemble! love those argyle socks too, love them! and your gorgeous zebra's (we got to see them in all their glory!) worn beautifully as a neck and head scarf - and I like 'cavort' too! x x x

  7. Can only echo what others have said but I love the idea of "getting away with" something in the shape of fashion and style. It often stops me short to see a woman fabulously or artistically put together because it seems to happen too damn infrequently - at least where I live. So indeed, let us grab our "true selves" and live creatively.

    1. Lovely to see a new "face"! I know how hard it is to live amongst blandness. That's why the internet is so wonderful. Wishing you artistic sightings this the real world! Thanks for stopping by :-) xo JJ

  8. Indeed, they are beautiful! What an amazing scarf! Looks great on your neck and even greater on your head.

  9. Wow! I loved this post. The black and white photos were GORGEOUS. And, I liked how the scarf looked wrapped around your head. Your fashion sense is inspiring!


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