Colourful crime spree

Ooh! These shoes stink! I really need some new ones!

What's that I spy? A rainbowdash bird on its nest?
What treasure is it guarding?

Tweet, tweet, tweet!
Over here birdy I'm a gorgeous playmate bird!

Quick while it's distracted, what's in its treasure?
Ha, ha! Some boots, just what I need!

O-oh! The rainbowdash is checking out its nest, 
I'd better fly!

No one will recognise me with these glasses on.
Oh no, here he comes! 
I wonder if rainbowdashs like budgie food?

I'd better change my outfit so they don't recognise me.
Here comes a cop!
Just nip around this corner and hide.
Hmm, they seem puzzled! 

Now for another change of clothes.
What's that? A criminal in an orange dress?
No I can't say I've seen anyone like that.
Yes! Success! Got away with it, AND the boots!

The tables have turned. I've got you now!
Now you can stay tied up while I gloat!
New shoes!!

I'm so happy!!
Crime does pay!
They'll never find me now!

Or will they...?

Hope you managed all those photos! 
Mstrs Actor and Artist and I had a ball inventing this :-)
I'm linking up to Sheila's Shoe Shine at Ephemera. Now she has seriously cool shoes...come and have a squiz!

floral dress and black woven leather belt ($1) - op shop,
Nicholas Deakins soft leather boots ($7) and Porter Makeup bag ($5) - op shop,
batik orange kaftan - op shop,
pink and green butterfly convertible tops - street market The Rocks, Sydney
rainbowdash outfit - made by me
cop's hat - op shop
hamming it up - came free with the genes

Thanks soooo much for all the well wishing. I'm taking a day at a time, but managing a few good days lately. Will take a month or two before the changes I've made will hopefully impact my heart rate for the better.

Broadcast signal may be patchy, but I'll keep on trying!

'Til next time, keep on creating you beautiful people, 
you are amazing!!!
Jazzy Jack


  1. You are the funest Mum! I had a blast reading your crime adventure post! Great collaboration with your sons!!! Have a wonderful rest! Hugses! xxxxx

  2. Can't tell which one is the goblin here. Inside on the bed? Or the one peeking in the window? Rainbowdash bird? Do I sense a Brony in the house over there??
    I think I see a suitcase underneath that bird's wings.....

    1. I was on my small tablet reading this great action thriller and didn't realize at first that there was more below the second photo. I think my tablet is jumping around a bit! This is such a fun post and great costumes too.

  3. What a creatively colourful crime concoction! We had fun following the frantic unfolding frolic of the freebooter. We cheered along the handsome Rainbowdash bird and Cop who escaped to win the day?? Congratulations Producer, Director, Author, Photographer, Wardrobe department, and Actors...
    and the no doubt watching Winter. Did she help in the detection? D&M xxxxoooo

  4. jack is back!!!!!
    and how fantastic! don´t know where to start. but what i know is that you are one of the best mothers i know - how do i envy your boys for they´r warmhearted, creative home! (said by someone who could live its creativity free with 21 first)
    but back to your great fun action movie! the bird suit is gorgeous, fabric and form make for an costume worth a grand stage. simple yet effective. and i love the first dress, something a agatha christie character would wear.......
    you can send master artist over for railroad camp ;-)

  5. Hehehe, you made my day! What a creative funny picstory!
    You should make a printed picturebook with your phantastic movies
    (I'm an nostalgic person, who likes books on really paper)
    Have a nice time and good luck :-)

  6. You are fantastic! What a wonderful Mum you are, your boys are very lucky and I think they know it! xxx

  7. Haha this was so fun! Your boys are so lucky to have you but I now you are lucky too. They are very special. That is a very impressive rainbowdash bird! I love your colourful dress and that cape and those new shoes!!!! And you! xoxo

  8. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious, Ms. Jazzy! I love this post so much, I want to hug it! Thank you for linking up to Shoe Shine - lovely boots!

  9. Now that's a shoe story. And a mystery to boot (heehee)!

  10. Excellent story!! I can only imagine how much fun you had planning it and getting the photos just right. And I love what you're wearing in every scene. Awards for all your fellow actors as well.


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